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Pregnant stray

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I just found a beautiful pregnant straydilute torti cat out in the bushes outside. She lives in the small patch of woods across the street. I want to bring her in but I literally have every extra room of my house full of strays I took in. Kittens in my bedroom (they are leaving tonite though) and a female stray in my bathroom. I cannot keep any in my boyfriends room cuz that is where our 6 cats go already.

I may go back out and see if I can catch her tonite. She is really sweet. She came right up and let me pet her and was purring away. I brought her a can of wet food and she came running when I opened the can. Then she practically climbed up my leg to get to it. When I put it down she cut her nose open while eating it. That was a dumb thing for me to do. But she ate it so fast that she got it all over her face.

I called Tiger Ranch and they will take every cat I have that needs a home next Sunday for a $5 donation for each cat. Which is no problem at all. I am going to get my family to donate a bag of cat food, I will donate a bag of cat food too as well as my neighbor and her son and daughter. So I am going to round up as much food as possible to take with me. Plus all the kitties. I am so so grateful for this kind woman and her wonderful place. It makes me so happy that there is such a great place in the world.

Oh and if anyone remembers that FIV/FeLV positive cat that posted about few weeks ago and I took to Tiger Ranch? Well he was adopted already!! I called first to ask about him and she was so happy to tell me that he was adopted already to a home with another FeLV/FIV positive cat!! My weekend was made. I only wish I called them yesterday so I could have taken all these kitties out to Tiger Ranch today. They only take them in on sat and sun from 1-5... oh well, I don't mind another week knowing that they will be going to a great place!!
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Wow, Jen - that is awesome! You are doing so much good for cats I wish that more people would "step up to the plate" & help out - can you imagine the possibilities I am sending prayers & vibes that your latest stray will allow herself to be taken in to sanctuary in your home, and that somehow, there will be a miracle & she & her kits will find loving homes. Are you able to get the cats neutered or does Tiger Ranch do that? Please keep us updated. Susan
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Right now they are all neutered/spayed and vaccinated except for the prego one (which I just caught) and the female in my bathroom. I will have those two vaccinated tomorrow if possible and I don't think I can get any in to be spayed this week. If they can spay the pregnant female then I will go ahead and do that if it can get done within the next day or so. I am so happy to have caught this pregnant cat. She is still in the carrier in my bedroom right now. She will go into the bigger cage I have the kittens in that are going to their new home today. It is small but it will have to do for right now.

So thats that. Tiger Ranch will spay the ones who aren't spayed yet when I take them over there next Sunday.
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Good job in catching her, Jen. Best of luck with this girl.

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Excellent news! I am happy that it is working out so well.
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Oh well done! Good luck with her.
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Hey guys, Just wondering if by chance any local NE Ohio people on here would be willing to foster one of the 2 female cats I have that are going to the Ranch next week? I have one in a small cage and one in my bathroom which is roasting in there. I let them out for a little bit each day but I really feel bad. I would like to give them their own rooms or a bigger cage or more space or something. I don't feel right keeping them in the small confined spaces for a whole week. I am out of other places to put them.

So if anyone has some extra space and would be willing to foster at least one of these girls until next Sunday morning. They are going to the ranch Sunday afternoon. I would be extremely grateful and will provide food, litter and a box. At least if I can get the non pregnant one to a foster this week. If not I completely understand. I just figured what better place to ask... I have posts on petfinder and craigslist looking for a week long foster home.

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I live in Ireland

I wish I could help.
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I'm glad you are able to help these kitties, and you have a sanctuary for them. I keep my foster kitties confined to one room for at least 2 months (when they have kittens). While they don't appreciate it sometimes, I figure the good outweighs the bad. Same with you, although trying to find another foster home is great, one week in a cage in exchange for full vaccinations, spay or neuter, and a happy forever home is very fair!

Thanks for all you are doing.
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I'd help you out in a second Jen, but even with being separated in another room, the risk is just too high for being exposed to the FeLV.... maybe Zissou'sMom?
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Actually I found a really nice woman to foster one of the females. I am hanging on to the pregnant one for now. She has been coughing a bit and had some diarrhea on top of being pregnant, so I don't want to put that burden on someone else.
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