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My kitties eye is worrying me

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I just got my 12 week old bengal on friday, as of now, I can't really get near him enough to clean his eye, but ever since he came, he's had eye gunk in his right eye. It's only his right eye, and sometimes when he blinks, his right eye goes down first, and then the left follows, also, sometimes his righy eyelid sits a little lower than his left one. He's hiding under the bed right now, but hopefully he'll come out soon, and I'll try to clean it up a bit. I was wondering if this was a big problem, thanks for the help
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I should add, he came to me by plane, and there was already some gunk in his eye when he got to me, but he was tearing a lot as well, the tearing has stopped, but the blinking and stuff is still there
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I would get him check out by your vet right away.
He needs a good check up anyway so that you have a baseline exam.
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here's a link to his picture, notice that his right eye is just a little lower then his left, I can't tell if it's always like this, or just sometimes.
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What a cutie!!

One of my cats eye does this, especially when she's tired and when her allergies are bothering her, or when she's stressed. I'm guessing you'll be taking your little guy to the vet ASAP, but in the meantime, keep a close eye on him to make sure nothing develops. He could just be reacting to the change in the environment (allergies) and the stress he's under after being in a plane and now in a new home.

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uh oh...I was just laying down by him right now, and his right eye is red (the part that's supposed to be white) and I'm pretty sure that's what's causing him to close his right eye, I'm not sure what could've happened.
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My cat had the same thing. Lowered eyelid and lots of blinking and tearing. His third-eyelid was also very red. It turned out to be a conjuctivitis and I had to put eye cream in his eye for 10 days. It sucked. When you do this, it did help for me to wrap him in a towel and then give him a treat afterwards. It sucks that your new kitty is sick. I hope it is not too hard to give him the medication.
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how is Felix doing today?
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Well I took him to the vet, and he gave me some ointment. He showed me how to do it, he said put a strip of the ointment in his entire eye, then rub it around with his eyelid softly. This seemed really wierd to me, but he did it, and I did it about an hour ago, and now his eye looks worse than it ever was. It's to the point where I feel bad just looking at him, and I want to just hold him and pet him because I feel like crap because his eye looks worse and he can barely keep it open. I hope this ointment is doing some kind of reverse effect, and it actually clears up soon, and hopefully I didn't apply it wrong.
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update: He just got out of bed, and his eye looks good. We'll see what happens in the morning.
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You are doing a good job...
Keep up the ointment treatment as directed by your vet and the eye should be fine.
Thanks for your update.
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