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Kitty fights

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Miss Kitty came first. She'd never been around other cats, and I thought that getting a kitten might be good for her. So we got Zoe, and slowly introduced them to each other. That was 2 years ago.
They don't seem to hate each other, but every time Zoe tries to play with Miss Kitty, MK growls and hisses. It's always been like that. Sometimes they get along fine...they'll sleep near each other (but not cuddled) and chase each other through the apartment, and stuff like that.
Every once in a while they'll have a 10-second blow-out which involves a lot of fur flying and screaming. It always starts with Zoe walking up to MK, rolling over on her back, and sticking a paw up in MK's face, all the while with a perky, "let's play!" attitude. MK puts her ears back, growls, and swats at Zoe. Zoe never hisses or growls back. Then they fight, and Zoe runs off. They seem to be doing this more frequently, and recently I saw Zoe approach with HER ears back and swat before she rolled over into her "let's play" position.
What can I do to get them to quit this? They have plenty of room, they have plenty of toys, we give them each the same amount of attention...I don't know what to do with them.
(BTW, they are both spayed.)
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Honestly, unless one of them is getting injured, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Between the two of them, there's a pecking order to be established and maintained. My three girls get into it from time to time, to remind each other of who's in charge.
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I agree with the above. Unless there is blood being drawn then it should be okay. My cats get into scuffles like this now and then. They have to remind each other sometimes who is the alpha kitty in the home.

I would however try buying a feliway plug in. They are a bit expensive but work well and are great. Order off the internet or buy from any major pet store.
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That's what I hoped it was...just establishing and maintaining the pecking order. Although there doesn't seem to be a clear pecking order.... LOL
I will try to pick up a Feliway plug-in next pay check. I hope it'll work. They do seem to be getting into it more often these days.
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If it seems to be happening a lot you could try seperating them for a few minutes to let them calm down and find a distraction.
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