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We moved in together a week withen dating eachother. This July will be 6 yrs.
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Originally Posted by shengmei
Well, the government gives you $$$$$ for being married

(Educational grants, etc)
I know you get a tax break if married but what educational grants?

The government would actually give me less money...and so would my ex...as I have a dependent....

On that note, DBF and I have lived together for 3.5 years and going strong.
I would like a schmancy party but meh to the wedding ceremony.
I honestly wouldn't be happier. I may even be more miserable as I don't like confined spaces.

Commitment like that is overrated
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I thought there was 150 Federal laws designed to encourage marriage......

I do hear that it is never a good idea for two cosmetic surgeons to marry, because if one of them gets sued the other's assets are automatically considered joint property.
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Yep me and hubby lived together for 2 years before we got married
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I thought my dad said you don't get a tax break, my friend joe just got married and said there is no tax break either?? I don't know much about it.
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Steve is the only man I have lived with. Than again hes also the only man i have "been" with if you get what I mean, lol we arent married yet. But we will be.

I guess techincally we have "lived" together since the start of our relationship. When we met Steve was a traveling musician and I was inbetween apartments of my own and staying with grandma. I had just moved back from a small town to the cities and was still searching for an affordable place. But due to go to camp that summer so not in a huge hurry.

We met in May, by August when i was hitting the papers more heavily while at camp for apartments Steve brought up. Why dont we get a place together. And make a Home together. So we started looking together. When I got home I did most of the leg work and when he was in town for a weekend we searched out the apartments i had listed. And Wala we have our current home we moved in October (so it wasnt WaLA lol took a while to find it)

I think its the best thing I ever did and my Family was Very happy about it. Financialy it was smart, and they knew I wouldnt just jump in if I wasnt sure. The Febuary after we moved in Steve quit his on the road band, because he HAD a home and wanted to get his roots firmly in it that was the happiest thing i could have heard. well aside from when he proposed to me

Sure we have our moments of arguements like anyone else. but we always work them out and never ever go to bed angry. I think you learn very valuable things about one another when you live together. Things that can potentialy lead relationships to break up if you dont address them ect.

And we will be getting married when fiancialy allowed nothing fancy but purely us
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Bradley and I have been together for just under three years and have been living together for almost a year and a half. We'll be married in September and I am SO happy that we've lived together first. We've gotten so many of the money and household arguments out of the way and already feel like an "old married couple" except for the whole legal part .
My parents couldn't say a THING when we moved in together because they lived together before they were married. They couldn't be hypocrites! Bradley's parents probably weren't overly-thrilled, but they never said anything to us and there have never been problems with them because of this.
I am a huge advocate of shacking up before marriage!
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I lived with an ex-boyfriend for a year. I still maintained my own residence (via the barracks room the Army provided), but we lived together. It didn't work out. Not because we shacked up, but we ultimately realized we wanted different things from life.

I told my husband that I would not live with him before marriage. And we didn't. Of course it helped that I was working in Kosovo and he was working in Germany and I flat out refused to give up my job until I got my two year bonus and we married. These first years of our marriage are going pretty well. We just celebrated our 3-year anniversary.
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My fiancé and I went to college together (when we were still boyfriend/girlfriend) because we both got great opportunities offered to us at the same school. We lived in dorms for two years, then moved into an apartment together. His parents freaked, but they don't really contribute to his life or communicate with him all that well, so we didn't care. My parents were happy about it because they knew they wouldn't have to worry about me.

We've lived together ever since, minus a year and a half due to him being in the Army and me needing to finish school. We are now living together again, getting married in October, and I couldn't be happier.

I think it is a great benefit to live together before deciding to get married...you learn so much about a person living with them. I know we would be probably have a much different relationship if we hadn't lived together up until now. So now instead of worrying about transition things when we get married, we have no issues. We've been through hard times financially, we know how to work together with money, bills, and household responsibilities. When we get married, it'll just be "official" -- we act like we're married now.
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