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Help! is something wrong with our kitty??

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hi there!!

We need a little help because we arent sure whether to worry about our baby or not.

we have a 1 1/2 year old tabby kitty... we've taken her in but she is not fixed and has not yet had her shots.

So far, she has been a really sweet easy to get along with cat. lately she has been escaping, a few weeks ago she got out and didnt come back for about 2 weeks.. and when she did she was SUPER skinny
she escaped again this week (someone new to the house didtn know not to let her out ) and she came back a day later. she seemed normal her frist day back (yesterday) but today she started acting really weird. She was sitting on the couch acting herself, wanting me to cuddle her.. .then she seemed to get excessively cuddly, wanting me to pet her and not stop, then she stared at me, adn attacked my face. so i tried to get her off me and she attacked me again. I called my boyfriend to come and see her and she was normal again. he went over and pet her and she was fine. then all of a sudden she attacked again! scratching his face. shes acting so weird and we're kinda scared of her right now, she jus sits there starring at everyone like shes gunna attack again.
what do you guys think?"? is it maybe jus from getting outside?? we're so worried... thanks so much for your imput!!!

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Take her to the vet she is porbably pregnant!
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Oh gee. That must have been very scary!

If you have her spayed as soon as you can, it will reduce her desire to escape and also reduce the risk of cancers and certain infections. Plus, then she won't be able to get pregnant on one of her escapes, if she isn't already, which will happen if she is not spayed.

Any cat who goes outside even on accident MUST have up-to-date shots. Cats who are indoors-only with no intention of going out should also have all shots, but your cat wants to be outside and she MUST have her shots.

If you need help finding somewhere that can do this low-cost, ask and you shall recieve.

As for her problem behavior, the first thing you do with a cat that is acting strangely is rule out health problems, which means an appointment at the vets. Your cat may have worms (thus the skinnyness on return last time) she may have been attacked by something and have a painful wound/infection, she may just be plain terrified because who knows what happened to her when she got out. Once you have ruled out health problems (I would be surprised if there are none), gotten her spayed and gotten her shots, I would be surprised if her behavior did not resolve itself. However, if it doesn't we can all look at some of the other things going on in her life.

You mentioned someone new to the house. Changes almost always upset a cat, sometimes only a little, sometimes a whole lot. Depending on what else is going on, your kitty may be very very stressed out. Is there a quiet room you can put her, especially until she is spayed so she can't get out and be pregnant, to help her feel safe and calm? Your bedroom would usually be ideal, set up with her food and water on one side of the room and her litterbox on the other, lots of comfy spots, and you coming in to visit her often.
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appointment for the vet has been made for this week!

she seems fine right now...
maybe she is pregnant, we did think that was a possibility... poor baby I hope she is okay.
we are keeping her in our basement (its a bigger room and we're there most of the time) just untill we are sure shes okay.
we were worried about rabies, but we dont know much about how she would be acting. we would like to rule that out, but untill we know, shes going to remain separtated from the other animals.

I've heard that sudden agression can be caused by pain? perhaps shes injured?
we will find out soon i guess

thank you all for helping us out, I will let you know what happens!
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yes please keep us posted, glad she's going to the vet this week.
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I do hope she isn't pregnant, but if she is best of luck with the babies and hopefully she'll be spayed as soon as they're weaned. I'm sure the vet can help you alot, and make sure to mention the sudden agression.
Hopefully she will be fine! Rabies is a possibility depending on where you live, especially if she was bitten by a skunk.

Sudden aggression can certainly be caused by pain, and that is the first guess until you know for sure nothing is wrong. Sudden behavior changes of any kind are first assumed to be health-related.

I'm sure your baby girl will thank you for the care you give her!
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Glad she is going to the vet!

Sounds to me like she is in heat, and probably preggers by now, eeek!
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