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Cost of Feliway

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I remember someone recently questioning about Feliway and its cost. I, too, am looking to buy the diffuser. I have one male cat who is spraying (I know it's a behavior problem) and one female kitten who is very skittish. I am hoping this helps one or both of them. I went to Pet Smart last Friday to buy one of the plug-in diffusers. It was $42.99 and the refills for it were $25.99. Yikes! I knew that it was in a catalog I get and I happened to have that catalog in the store with me. I compared the prices. In the catalog, the plug-in diffuser is $27.99 and the refills are $15.99. I went ahead and ordered from the catalog. If anyone is not familiar with the catalog, it is Doctors Foster & Smith. Their website is drsfostersmith.com. I'm sure you can get on there and request a catalog.

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Someone recommended www.petguys.com

Their prices are great!

Also, someone suggested ebay too..

The stuff is awesome!

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I don't think that site has really wonderful prices. Feliway is still $23.99 and that doesn't include shipping I don't think. It is about that much at Petsmart isn't it?

I will say though that no matter what it costs, it is a great deal because feliway is a wonderful product.
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The difuser with the feliway on sale at PetsMart is about $32.00...I'm not sure how much the spray is since I didn't buy any of that.

I just checked out ebay and they have some good deals on there..
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We always buy ours on eBay. We wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise!
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I am looking into buying some Feliway spray. My Ophelia is spraying as well. I think I am going to try the spray to spray where she has sprayed(did that make sense? ). I think I saw it for $15 at amazon.com. I hope to be able to find a pet store that carries it on Thursday.
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