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Feeding Natural Balance. Questions...

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I just moved Polly and Roxie off of SD onto Natural Balance. Polly, has only eaten SD with us. She had kitten her first year, then I switched her to the SD Natural formula. I had JUST ran out of food the day we got the kitten. The vet said that it would be okay to feed Polly the SD kitten for a few days until I could drive to Dallas and get the SD Natural. (they did not stock the natural)

Well, i went home and did some research. I found that a lot of people here like the Natural Balance. I also found that the natural balance does not need to destinguish between Kitten and Adult. (I figured that would make feeding time THAT much easier for me)

I really liked how there were no corn or wheat fillers and the protien source used was high quality protien. Not random Chicken lips and teeth.

So, here is my question.

I have heard that it is best to make sure that your protiens are coming from one source. Meaning. one kind of animal. Chicken. Beef. Fish. Not a mixture of meats. So I bought the Venison and Pea formula. That is INTENDED for cats with allergies. But I am hoping it is just as good for cats without them. I had a couple sample bags, and my kitties liked the venison and pea formula better anyway.

Is that ok?

What do you guys feed? Is there any way to encourage a cat to eat wet food? Polly doesn't seem interested at all. The kitten likes it tough.
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Venison and Pea is a fine and complete food for any cat. Usually the one protein source foods are recommended for a cat that is allergic or sensitive but they are fine for any cat.
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For the first month I've had my kitty cats I've gave them a taste of every brand of premium canned food I could find locally - Wellness, CA Natural, Felidae, Evolve, Newman's Own, Natural Balance and Nutro. They were 3 yrs old when I got the pair and were pretty much brought up on Sophisticat wet and Purina Cat Chow dry food. I fed them Friskies for a couple weeks as well not knowing any better but upon discovering that Friskies was regarded by many as fast food for cats I sought out something healthier for them. They are now on a steady diet of Natural Balance wet food, a brand which they seem most happiest with, and a 50/50 dry food mix of Blue Spa hairball control and Innova EVO.
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Originally Posted by Denice
Venison and Pea is a fine and complete food for any cat. Usually the one protein source foods are recommended for a cat that is allergic or sensitive but they are fine for any cat.
Ditto that if they like it then stick with it ... as for the one protein umm no you dont have to unless the animal is sensitive or your feeding raw with the complete prey theroy
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I played cat food roulette for quite some time, trying to find something that sat well with all three of the girls, and this is the food that finally did it. Oddly, I think they've done better on the regular formula, not the venison. But they're really liking it, and they seem happy and healthy.
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I feed Natural Balance dry - would like to feed the NB wet but kitty won't eat it. The only wet she'll look twice at is meowmix tuna and shrimp - she'll eat a spoonful and that's it - aargh!
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Sure, it's fine. And for cats that don't have any allergies you really can feed as much variety as you want. I do. My cats don't like the canned venizon, so if yours only accept the dry venizon, you might try the other flavors or stick with the dry Natural Balance and a different brand for canned.
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thanks so much for the replys!

They both really do like the Venison and Pea (dry) which is good, I was really worried about having to buy kitten, and Adult, and having to keep Polly out of the kitten food. This solves that problem!

I got one small can of each of NB's flavors. I am keeping track of which kitty likes which. Hopefully I will find a couple that they both like so they can have some variety!

I can't wait to see if the shedding is reduced, if poops are less and smell better, and if their coats shine up really nice!

Has anyone known any of the above in their cats when you switched over?

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Sadie has been on NB for 3 months now and I've seen a dramatic change (for the better) in her coat - not only is it silkier, it's shinier and she doesn't shed like she used to. As for the smell of her poop getting better - I can't say that's changed too much, as NB is a high protein food. (Think of when you eat chicken....)
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