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Star Progress

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Star did something different for me. I have worked with this this girl for two years now and yesterday I was brushing the other cats after some bathing time.

I cannot bathe Star as she would hate me for it and it would be a struggle of holding her down and I am NOT putting her through that.

But she watched me brush the others and I sat easily on the chair from where she was watching and I held the brush out to her.

SHE TOOK THREE STEPS TOWARD ME AND SMELLED THE BRUSH!!! That is amazing to me. It is in her to be a loving kitty. She knows she belongs to me and she is bonded to our family and my cat pride but this is the first time she took steps toward me in curiousity about something I held out to her. It nearly seems like a miracle.

I can pet her when she eats and I can pick up up and hold from IF I GET HER FROM HER FOOD AREA and she will not resist. I can scratch above her tail while she eats and she loves it. I can rub her under the chin. But these all happen WHILE she is eating with the other cats around her as her safety net.

But she has NEVER came to me like she did to smell the brush.... I would dearly love to brush my little Star Kitty with her feral halo.....

I will have to try it while she is eating one day and see if she lets me. It might be the thing that causes her breakthough.

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That's great, Jenn. I'm so happy for you and Star. Ever little bit of progress is so rewarding!
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Great news! Good for you to watch for her little steps of progress, that are so huge for a feral kid. Keep us posted!
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You're right. It was a huge step for her. She has been in for two days but she is out today. If she comes in tonight I will 'try' and brush her while she eats.

If the possums are out, she'll probably come in..... It's scary guarding all alone.

There is a baby out there running around too. They love cat food.

The dogs alerted me to the porch about 3am one morning and this is what I saw........

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