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Raw Food Diet

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I just adopted a 5 yr old retired Bengal Queen that has been fed a raw food diet of ground rabbit. I don't think I'll be able to find rabbit around here. What can I substitute? How much do I feed her per meal?

She is eating dry food. I tried to introduce Nutro natural pouch food I feed my other cats but she hasn't eaten any yet.
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It's up to you if you want to continue to feed her raw. If she is eating dry food, then just keep her on that If you want to feed a strictly raw diet, you will have to grind your own chicken with bone...you need the bone there for adequate calcium.
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I am a raw feeder and rabbit makes a chunk of what I feed. I get it shipped from Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow. They have TONS of raw stuff. You can get ground rabbit, it includes the whole rabbit, fur and all, except for the intestines and stomache. So it includes bone, meat, organ, fur, etc etc. You can also get rabbit chunks from there are well. They have many many different protein sources to choose from. The website is:http://hare-today.com You could really substitute it any meat.
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If you find a pet store with ready made raw you likely will find rabbit since it is a common raw food ... Guinea hen muct be similiar to rabbit in taste as my raw feeders eat both well...

10lb cat about 4 ounces raw per day...
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The brand raw I use- "Aunt Jenni's"- has a rabbit formula food. Whole ground, prepackaged and easy as pie to feed.
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Nature's Variety sells raw rabbit cat food in 8 oz frozen patties. I'm transitioning my kitties to it now, and so far, so good. It's a convenient way to feed a good quality pre-made raw food, paying $30 for a package was a little painful, but it does seem to be lasting quite a while. And there's no upfront investment, when you start making your own raw, there's the meat grinder and supplements to buy, plus getting your hands on whole carcasses with organs can be difficult depending on where you live ... then there's the grossness factor!

For me, Nature's Variety has been an almost painless way to start my kitties on a raw diet. And I'm able to pick it up at a Pet Store not too far from where I work. Here's their web site ...

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