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OMG-I have one of the worst headaches ever and it will NOT go away!! Anyone have any remedies?? I have been taking pills and nothing seems to help! I am going to go insane!! HELP me please!!
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I get real stonkers - usually I get a cool shower and then go lie down in a shady cool room..............might help
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Do you have any peppermint lotion? Rub some on your forehead. It stings a bit but it takes your mind off the headache pain.

I'm sorry you feel so bad... I get terrible ones too. Hope you feel better soon!!!!
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Is there someone who can give you a nice neck and shoulder rub? I find that sometimes helps break the worst of the headache.
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Drink lots of water
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Sometimes they're not headaches - I get these really painful headaches, but thankfully, usually pretty rarely - recently (probably to do with a temporary but very heavy schedule) I started to get them all the time - I think it was a full blown ten day headache when I caved and went to the doctor - it turned out to be neuralgia.

I'm not suggesting that that's what you have - but please don't put up with it; go to the doctor. Even if it turns out to be a true headache, rather than a symptom of something else (like migraine) your doctor might be able to prescribe something that will cut through the pain.
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The onlything that helps my headaches are either Excedrin Migraine or I have to wait until after the front or storm passes (I call them weather headaches).
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I too have taken exedrin migrane and lay down in my darkened bedroom.
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I take the headache tylenol that have caffeine in them and they work pretty good. One usually makes it go away.
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When I get a headache, its usually from stress so I can't do much but take some medicine. But anytime I'm not feeling well, it helps to lay down and put a cool rag on my eyes/forehead. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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I suffer from several types of headaches, and what really often helps is to keep my sinuses clear, using plain saline solution. this helps with pressure headaches (i get them right before T-storms); sinus/allergy headaches & my migraines & also the headache that I get along with my neckaches (I have bulging discs C5 - C7). Also, peppermint tea often helps. Rubbing the pressure points on the "web" between the thumb & forefingers can help, as well as rubbing the arches of my feet. Weird, I know, but painkillers give me vomiting & headache, so I'm pretty limited on remedies, except for Amerge for migraines. I wish that I was there to put hot packs on your shoulders & rub your feet for you and make you that cup of hot tea...
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The weather has been changing pretty rapidly around here of late, and pollen counts are moderate. I had a whopper of one on Friday night - took some sinus relief, put a hot rag on my head, turned off all the noise and lights in the house and slept it off.

I hope you feel better soon!!
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Oh yea, I just remembered this remedy.
It sounds nuts, but it helps...

Run ice cold water from the faucet. Cup your hands and fill them with the ice cold water.
Stick your nose in there and breath in *a little* (please don't snort it). Be prepared to sneeze.
If its a sinus headache this helps clean them up and take off some of the pressure.

My crazy mom told me that one...not sure where she got it from, but I attempted it once or twice before and it did help. The headache wasn't totally gone, but it was manageable.
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I get migraines....and I generally have to take motrin or excedrin, but if I take motrin it's 800mg with caffiene.

I used to take imitrex but it makes me tingly.
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Get a couple of Scamper's pain pills from her toothache... that should do it
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This time of year I do get headaches often, especially with humid weather. Nyquil always works for me, so I always keep it on hand. I also must keep everything dark inside this time of year and keep it nice and cool. I hate headaches!
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Aww! Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions! It is finally gone, thank goodness!! I ended up going on the boat this afternoon and it kinda just went away on its own! Maybe it got my mind off it? I also think it has alot to do with PMS!!
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My migraines often happen during PMS Anyway, I'm glad that your headache went away!
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