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Turtle hid from bath

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Well, I feel like an idiot. I have spent three days looking for my tortoise shell cat turtle. I have called her until I could harldy talk. I have bawled in dispair.

I cam in just now and there she was .. IN THE HOUSE. What an idiot I am...

I was bathing cats the last three day and she has hid somewhere in the house. Not sure where but she sure is eating right now.

The joke was on me. But what a relief.......... Guess she didn't want a bath, but as soon as I finish my lunch........well.......need I say more?

I even checked the house, the closets and everywhere and could not find her. I even reached down in cracks between furniture to see if I could feel her. I got a scare doing that because I touched a large stuffed cat and it fel like dead animal hair. I freaked and had to move the furniture to see if it was her. Isn't that silly? god......

I have envisioned her hurt somewhere, or snake bit.........and she was in the house 'somewhere' the whole time.

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Oh, please consider not giving her a bath for a few days! No doubt she's scared, and it will seem a poor reward for finally coming out of hiding.

If it's not urgent, maybe let her settle in to her usual routine for a few days?
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I haven't bathed her and don't plan on it at all for the next few days. Instead I brushed her and put flea powder on her...... I will plan a relaxed day for her instead and bathe her then.. But not for a while.

I just couldn't do it......I am just happy to see her safe and she was glad to be brushed which she loves..

Here is a picture of turtle taken last month just below here. She looks like Star except she is much larger and quite a bit tamer. Star is below in my signature file and is very fine boned and little.

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Oh! She's so beautiful.
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Thanks. I've had her about two years. She was a stray that my other cats absolutely hated at first. Not sure why but she turned out to be a great cat and we lub her! We call her Princess Turtle Girl...

She has finally relaxed from the trauma of the other cats getting baths and she is resting now on the couch.
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I am glad you found her but I just wanted to mention that if the flea powder isn't from the vet I would stop using it. It can cause way more harm then not. If not now then over time. Get Frontline, Advantage or Revolution if she has a flea problem and to prevent them.
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I agree...flea powder is dangerous.
Use the other suggested options...they work and are safe.

Isn't it amazing how our kitties can become invisible?

Bath or no bath...Turtle is beautiful.
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It's was my emergency treatment other than a bath. I KNOW IT IS BAD........ But I was deperate. Myself, the people across the street and one other neighbor have all become infested. They have tried poison after poison and the fleas are immune or something. It is horrible. It's like the fleas are invading us all at this end of the street

I have ordered some organic stuff because I dont' want to use the poisons any longer. I know frontline works but it is not working at this time for the neighbors and I refuse to buy some. So I have been bathing the cats and dogs on a weekly basis... My other stuff should be here in a couple days. But I promise I will ask the vet about it.

I bought some Diatomaceous Earth, food grade and organic..
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My flea story....
About 25 years ago, before Frontline and those kinds of flea controls were available...
I had cats and a lime green shag carpet.

I used a flea bomb.
When it was time, I came back home and found the fleas happily stoned out of their minds, partying in the carpet to a tiny little rock band.

Needless to say...the flea bomb did not work.
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Thats funny................hahaha

IN fact, that is hilarious.!!!!
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The truth is that before Advantage and Frontline...
it was almost impossible to get rid of fleas.

My experience is that those products really do work, if used correctly.
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Salt works in carpet. An elderly woman told me this 20 years ago. I had an infestation in a house with no animals. She told me to put table salt in my carpet and leave it for a week before I vacuum. I did it and it worked. Killed em all....... Bus of course, you can't put salt on pets....... Just carpet. The fleas were so bad in my bedroom that I could not walk in the room without them jumping on my legs. Thousands of them.

It was a rent house and I guess the people before me had left them for me.......hehe They forgot to take their fleas...
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You need to treat your home as well as your cat. If you put something like frontline or advantage on your cat but don't get rid of them from your carpets etc you'll continue to have fleas. I've always found Advantage very effective but you need to treat the house with something else too.
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When I lived in Florida, I had a dog and we lived in a neighborhood where everyone had dogs, but didn't really bother with treating their pets or their yards for fleas. This was before the days of frontline and advantage. We tried every kind of flea bomb on the market, the darn things only multiplied, I think those bombs really contain flea growth hormone Anyway, we did the flea dips, constant bathing, flea collars ... none of that stuff works, and it's bad for the pet and for you. We never did get rid of the fleas, we moved.

Something I have not tried, but that I know my Grandmother has done, and it seems a little silly and definitely inconvenient, but she just set bowls of water all over the floor, every foot or so ... and the fleas ended up jumping into the water and drowning. Now I don't know if she was just lucky or if that would work again .. but that was after the visiting animal was out of the house. So there was no place for the little critters to run and hide.

Frontline and Advantage both work wonders, but you do have to treat your house too. Maybe ask your vet about safe, practical ways to treat the house for fleas. And you might be able to find even more info if you search online, someone out there is bound to have a web site dedicated to fleas
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Last Saturday I ordered some diatomaceous earth [food grade] and it came today. I put it in the carpet and on the animals. Hopefully it will work...

Another old wives tale that works regarding fleas??? I was infested probalby 20 yrs ago and had no animals. A old old old neighbor woman told me to put table salt all over the carpet and to not vacuum for a week. I did it and it killed the fleas. They never came back so I assume it took care of the eggs as well. It was very gritty walking on it but it was sure better than having my legs turn black with fleas if i just entered my bedroom. It was horrible.

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Before I read this I thought Turtle was a turtle. Sorry!

She is beautiful!
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Cats are sneaky!

She probably was watching you the entire time and moved as you left one room! Glad she is safe and not outside.
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Sorry for your flea problems! I had a flea problem when I first moved into my apartment a few years ago, but at the time did not have Marlee yet. So I just called my landlord and they had a bug company come and do like the major flea bombs. I know that if you do this you obviously have to be able to get yourself and all your animals out of the house for a certain amount of time, and with all your kitties (if all the kitties in the sig are yours and live with you) that may not be possible! But if so, it worked! Good luck!
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