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Pixie is in labour!

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I have been reading this forum a lot the past few days becoming very impatient for pixie to give birth, it looks like it has started she is pushing, but no panting or anything, how long between pushing and first kittie do you think?
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My boo had her babies yesterday. She was straining and pushing for about 30 mins before first arrived... this was closely followed by number 2.
She then took a 30 min break before starting again with numbers 3 and 4.

She was labouring all day though with the panting and being restless and calling me.
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When my kitty had her babies it wasn't long at all for the first kitten to come after pushing. She waited for me to lay down with her for the night and then about five seconds later there was discharge, pushing, and within a few minutes the appearance of her first kitten. Good luck.
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No sign on any kitten yet, shes started panting and is now squatting rather than laying down. Also keeps cleaning herself!
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i had a kitten within 5 mins of boo starting to squat. before that all her pushing had been with her lying down.

Shouldnt be long at all

Good luck
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Shes's delivered one, unfortuntately still born. It came out had no life to it, was motionless, she licked it and licked it, we picked it up and tried rubbing it but nothing. I don't know if she has anymore coming, she's washing herself at the moment. Very sad
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Aw... I'm sorry... better luck with the next one! Keep us posted.
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I don't think she's having any more, she has cleaned herself up and has eaten some food and her tunny is quite soft now. She is only young and a small cat so maybe just the 1 it was.
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im sorry bout the stillborn my cats 3rd kitten was the same and its so sad she may surprise you and pop some more kittens soon after boots had 5 i went to shop thought she was done after couple of hourse came in amd she had given birth to her 6th sneaky lil lady hehe
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