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Because Kittens Have a Guaranteed Lifespan.

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I found this ad from this lady adopting out an 8 year old dollface persian because she felt it wasn't getting enough attention at her home. She's tested negative for fiv/felv, has all of her shots, is wormed, spayed, uses the litterbox religiously, very laid-back, great with other cats, and in excellent health. I ask about her personality and it sounds right on par with Pudge's. Adoption fee of less than $100 (So it wasn't a money issue)

I excitedly tell bf about her. "NO" just flat out. "Even if she were sent all the way here, no. I don't want to take on a cat and get attached to it only for it to die." I tell him that 8 is honestly not that old. "NO"

Instead, he wants to pick up a kitten (who's never had shots, been wormed, been to the vet at all, tested for anything, and isn't neutered/spayed, who's personality will not be truly known for along time) because in his mind, it being a kitten means it will live a long life.

I hope the old cat finds a great home. (sigh)
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I'm sorry
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I'm sorry.

Maybe you could compromise, and adopt a younger adult from a local rescue? A two or three year old cat would be young enough to maybe appease your boyfriend's fears, but old enough for you to be helping out an adult cat that might be less likely to be adopted.
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Just because you get a kitten, doesn't mean that it will live a long time. I'm remembering the heartache we've seen on this site with kittens dying in their first year from FIP and other diseases. My first cat, Petunia lived to be 15 and my husband's cat, Much is going strong at 13. I'm sorry your bf doesn't see that.
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My Snoopy lived to be 20 years old. An 8 year old cat is a baby next to Snoopy's age. My cat Shane is now 9 years old. He doesn't seem like he's about to die anytime soon. My other kitties are all 3 years and younger. I wouldn't think an 8 year old cat is THAT old. He may live another 10 plus years.
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The second kitten I ever had died one week after I got her. Your boyfriend is being utterly foolish. I presume you live together, and that's why his opinion counts here? If you don't, I'd say to get the girly anyway.

Then again, my husband didn't want cats at all and I brought home three. Sorry, honey.
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My Chester was taken away from me at 15.5 years old. He had perfect health. If Chester is still with me now he would still be a healthy, happy, loving boy..........

Cats truly live longer and longer nowadays......just like humans.....
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Jamie, at 7, qualifies as a "senior cat", according to cat food producers. Our last cat died at about 14, but had spent about 8 of them as a feral with no vet care, vaccinations, etc.. One of our cats, Pirate, reached the ripe old age of 23, with no health problems whatsoever. Both of them passed away in their sleep. IMO, an 8-year-old cat is "middle-aged".
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Aw, sounds like she would have been just fine for you. A co-worker adopted one of Sarabi's kittens, and is being driven crazy. Zazzou (now Nala) awakens her every night, playing in her hair and scratching her scalp. She darts out the door sometimes, although she is to be an inside only cat. She is basically a high energy, pesky kitten!

So if you do adopt, be sure to talk dh into one that is 1-2 years old. I think then Pudge will get along with the new kitty better!!!

JMHO, but if you are a family, you both need to be in on decisions like adopting pets. My dh wants a large dog, and started out liking the look of the giant mastiff. That is not a dog that would go well in our family, and if he just brought one home it would cause problems for me. Same if I just start deciding to keep kitties without his agreement. I'm not saying we're 100% on each decision, but if something happens to me, he will be caring for everyone!
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Ack! I don't like kittens. They are too....annoying for me. I like the laid back adults. Perhaps if he wants a younger cat you can look into a 6-9 month old kitten(still kitten, but older), or even a young adult cat of 2-5 years of age? IMO, you should talk to him about the benefits of getting a slightly older cat. Many kittens do not get the chance to grow up, besdies, adults are harder to adopt......

Good Luck in your cat search!
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I don't make decisions about pets without his agreement, and I didn't tell the lady I'd adopt the cat, I just asked its personality, etc. I just like researching and having all bases covered before offering an idea. It was not presented as "I've chosen to adopt this cat", but "What do you think of this?" because I value his input.

We have been talking about possibly getting a companion for Pudge for a while, and this was not a random whim of an idea with no forethought.

I just found it odd that as someone who previously had 13 cats, he'd think that 8 years old would=dropping dead any second.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
Ack! I don't like kittens. They are too....annoying for me. I like the laid back adults.

Oddly, this is how both of us are, which is why him freaking out over the thought of an older cat surprised me.
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Eight is middle aged ... yes by food they are seniors but that is a organ fuction issue... Kandie will * knockon wood* be 18 in 4 days ... so 8 is a kid ...

Maybe he is worried about Pudge lousing a freind??
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