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someone please help.

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My Bear is a Himalayan. On Tuesday of this week I got out of the shower to find him twitching around on my bed. His front paws were down but its like his back legs were flopping all over the place - like he was kicking. It seemed like something was itching him or tickling him and he couldnt get to it so he was just I dont know. He started to run all over and ran into walls...and then he tried to hide. I watched his skin - his skin would twitch like when a flea bothers them and then he'd kick his leg. Then he was panting and breathing really heavy - I dont know if this was from running around or what?


He had a really bad hair mat on his back and some tiny ones on his legs so I thought maybe something crawled in it.. (he was scheduled for a clip down on Friday) - so I took him to the vet -- the next morning he was doing ok. Hadn't twitched but soon as I got him home from the vet he started again. He wasn't panting this time or running around but he just laid there kicking and twitching occassionally....

So I took him back to the vet - she ran a heart test on him and shaved his fur off. The first visit - he was FINE - no temp no nothing so she just assumed it was a skin allergy bothering him... when I took him back she mentioned a heart condition in himmy's (Where their heart thickens) that can cause muscle spasms in their legs.... so she did and ECG - and his heart is a little thick but she sent me home with no worries.

WELL.... he's looking bad. He looks sooooo skinny.. He's eating though but this morning I woke up and found bloody vomit in my kitchen.


I have spent almost $600 at the vet. I am single and just lost my job 2 months ago. I DO NOT have the money to keep playing guessing games with my vet. Someone please help.

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get a second opnion////

oh and sometimes you never find out my kandie has one sezuire a year for the last fours yrs and without much testing at the university we cant find anything..

Is your kitty eating?? if so what and how long on that food??
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Have you flea-treated him recently with over the counter products? Yes, animals are expensive,because they are a responsibilty a huge responsibility. He only has you to look out for him. Talk to your vet about doing an online referral with another feline specialist- it is about $40.00 for that.

If you got him from a breeder contact the breeder and pick their brain about what might be wrong with him. Ask if any other kittens in that line has had neurological problems or anything else out of the ordinary.
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There is a condition that sounds a bit like what your cat has, one of my Scottish Fold had it, but it was very mild, didn't make her sick otherwise, she lived until the age of 16.

Look here;
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Maybe your vet will schedule payments, or you can find a vet who will?

Good luck finding a solution to this disspiriting problem.

My thoughts are with you both.
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I recommend that you seek a second opinion for Bear, preferably a Feline Specialist.
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Ok, from what I've researched (Thanks to Lilo) my cat has all the symptoms of Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. I did a search in this forum and there was an article on this at one time but it is no longer available. Are the articles archived? I would like to read it.

Searching the web I've heard such horrible things relating to FHS. Many speak of tail injuries which reminded me of something...the day this behavior happened with Bear my mom accidentally stepped on his tail. It was a hard enough tug that it pulled hair out.

It breaks my heart to think that her stepping on his tail, a simple accident, could cause life long damage to him. I read that some people amputate the tail and the problem stops. Then I heard amputating the tail makes it worse.

All I know is that I am certain - this is it.
Now, I am terrified. I love my bear...

We had two nights of this episode but he hasn't done it since. He is however very mopey and reserved. He's responding to touch just fine - he doesn't seemed upset by my petting I even brushed him today.

I guess I just need to call my vet in the am....but please I welcome responses on FHS. Please.
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This is my bear-bear.

This is my bear (left) and his sister bling (right).

My heart hurts.....I love them so much.
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The article was written by me based on my experience when Bacardi got this

The article is still here on the website, not the forums
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So if this is FHS - I can anticipate him only getting worse? In the article you mentioned "if you had only known sooner" - what do you recommend I do, since I know.
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Self-diagnosing is very dangerous. Do not do that to yourself or your beloved Bear. I am so sorry you are going through this, and I know you want answers instead of mystery, but perhaps you should at least call the vet back and tell them about it and also that he fits all the symptoms. If you read symptom charts, often you'll find that a perfectly healthy cat has them all but does not have the syndrome, and like you said reading things on the internet can be conflicting, sometimes things from a random site are just plain wrong (not Hissy's article of course!) etc. At least ask them over the phone, although many vets aren't familiar with it. I've seen people come on these boards convinced their cat was about to die of some horrible disease, only to take them to the vet and find out something very simple and treatable was the problem.

So, though that may be what it is, don't diagnose and treat it all by yourself. You and Bear are in my thoughts, he is adorable! Hopefully he will have a long healthy life with you.
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I agree, don't jump the gun on this. It may even be that your vet has no idea about FHS and you will have to contact a feline specialist. Bacardi was a siamese cross- this disease, affliction whatever you want to label it is common in Siamese.

In retrospect, what I wish I could have done was get Bacardi to a feline specialist and keep her with one vet instead of bouncing all over the place trying to find a "cure." I truly believe it was not the affliction she died from, but the meds given to try and give her a normal life
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Originally Posted by hissy
In retrospect, what I wish I could have done was get Bacardi to a feline specialist and keep her with one vet instead of bouncing all over the place trying to find a "cure." I truly believe it was not the affliction she died from, but the meds given to try and give her a normal life
Im just nervous and upset about this. I am definitely going to talk to my vet in the am. Actually Im faxing some things over to her now because Im that impatient about my baby.

Thanks guys.

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