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Mundi is home!

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I finally picked up Mundi yesterday from Nyal of Kai Bengals. I went down to Maryland where he was showing his beautiful kittens at a cat show.

The drive back was interesting-she is a talker. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive, it took her about 2 hrs. to calm down.

She is now in my bathroom-very curious about the rest of the apartment. My resident cats are not too happy. Surprisingly Viola (the siamese cat) is more upset that Natasha. She's hissing at everything, me, Natasha, the bathroom door.

I haven't taken any photos yet. I don't want to stress her out.

She is very sweet and affectionate-lighter in color than the photos, more almost orangey. Her markings are so beautiful.

I'll keep posting updates.

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I can't wait to see pictures, I think Bengals are beautiful cats.
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Congratulations on the new addition! I can't wait to see photos once she settles in
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Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures. You have more patience than me, waiting for her to settle in before you start snapping away. ^^;;
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ok here's some pics. she looks a little upset.[IMG][/IMG]

Ok I couldn't figure out the sizing.
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It's hard to see the pictures, but I can tell she's a beauty. Can you make the pictures larger? You know it's funny, your Siamese cat is reacting to Mundy the same way Simba reacted to Angel, when she arrived at my house. Simba was so upset that he growled at me, and in fact he threw up all over my feet, because he was so worked up. To this day, Angel does not like Simba, although he is OK with her. I think Simba scared her, and she has never gotten over it.

Nyal and Lyn's kitties are SO well adjusted, at least that's my experience with Angel. She wasn't scared of me from the beginning, and although all I had to drive with her was from the airport to my house, she chattered and meowed the entire way, and wanted out of her carrier in the worst way.

If you want help sizing the pictures, if you send them to me, via my email address, I can size them for the forums here. Right now, they are so small you really can't see her. I can send you a PM with my email address. I'd put it here, but I don't think they allow that.
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