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People food

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What kind of 'people food' is okay for cats to eat? My cat always wants to eat whatever I'm eating, but he gets sad and I feel bad when I can't give him any because I don't know if it will hurt him or not...
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My cat will eat anything but peanut butter and of course is never allowed anything with chocolate or alcohol in it at all. Other than that most things are okay, but not necessarily good for your cat.

Stick to dairy products (not milk) and meat as "people food" treats or some cats love bread crusts. It should never be much, if you decide to give your cat any at all, and many people don't. Some cats also love greens (spinach, lettuce, etc) and that is good for them occasionally.

If you do decide to give her some, only give the amount that fits on your pinky finger.

Although I think one thing everyone could agree on is straight, unfried meat, like even a chicken leg or piece of beef.
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Does it matter if the meat is cooked or raw? I know my friend who is a dog breeder only lets his dogs eat raw chicken...
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They can have both cooked and raw, as long as they get no cooked bones, as the cooking makes them brittle and likely to splinter in a cat's mouth or stomach. I guess I would say they can have the people food that approximates most closely to a cat's natural diet :ie meat, poultry (and fish occasionally) including offal, dairy products (be careful of high lactose things like cow's milk and some cheeses) and grains (rice, wheat products etc) and grasses in small quantities if they like them. They should never have food cooked with salt or garlic or onions. Some cats like carrots and potatoes too, which are OK in small amounts. But it is not good to get them into a habit of wanting food off your plate - they will never let you alone. If you give them people food then feed it to them in their bowls at their times for eating. Unfortunately they can be little thieves once the taste sets in - Persil will take the cheese out of your sandwich given half a chance, and do it like lightning. She stole my lunch yesterday of a large lump of cheddar which I was enjoying with an apple!
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I give my cats basically anything if they are interested(they just want a taste then usually decide they don't like it :P ) I really don't eat anything to spicy...and I'm a vegetarian at taht so cats must get annoyed to that. The real fav things are bread froma sandwich and nestle ice cream cones(i get the choclate then they all lick the vanilla) and I usually get a package of some sort of beef when I go to store(hamburger mostly) They eat that raw. RJ
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One of the vet's at the practice I take my cats to has a cat that will steal just the spinach out of the salad bowl.
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