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New too!

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I really should have introduced myself before posting questions LOL
Hi everyone! I am Gracie37, and I have a 5 yr old orange tabby named Oliver. He is my sweet boy whom we have owned since he was just 6 weeks old.
Olly used to be an outdoor cat as he one day snuck out of the apt we lived in and found outside was much more fun than inside. There was alot more opportunity to chase after prey (he was nicknamed Ozzy at one point for finding a bunny rabbit nest and biting their heards off!) and use the whole yard as his litter box
Then we moved here to Virginia from the New Jersey apartment, into a townhouse, deciding Oliver needed to stay indoors. Alot more room to play indoors than before. Besisdes, too late to claim any territory here against rival cats and he is not familiar with the area. For a while he was pretty good about avoiding the outdoors, but now we are finding he knows outside has something there he wants So we have to be quick about it.
We have also gone through 3 types of litterboxes since he was used to doing his business outdoors. We finally bought the boodadome so he avoids the wall and gets it in the box. He is a big cat, so it wasn't easy.
So I could really use alot of help in helping him as we find things to deter him from the outdoors and teach him to be an indoor pet
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Hi Gracie37, I'm new too!

Someone will be along shortly with lots of practical advice, but in the mean time, here's how we get by when the cats are suck inside (for illness, etc):

1. Make sure that they can see the outside - they like to chitter at the birds - my Molly has the most convincing little chirp - it's like "come here, little birdy!"
2. Make sure that they get to play stalking games - eye, stalk, pounce, kill, eat - and try to give them 30 pounces a day (about how many pounces they do outside - afterall, they don't all end successfully!)
3. Can you give them access to a green house/conservatory/patio? They can love them, especially if you build high up sun perches for them.

You could try - though we haven't - kitty videos.

Also, if he doesn't have the wrong temperment for it, you might think about getting him a play mate - the extra activity might help him to avoid boredom. But the usual considerations apply - do you have enough space/time/money/etc.

I hope this helps!
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He loves the laser light my daughter uses on him and his mouse toy We do let him go in our small backyard with a leash and supervision, and he loves it Unfortunately he is a good escape artist too
Thanks for the help!
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