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Is this alright??

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As you might have seen in my thread yesterday Boo had 4 kittens yesterday.

The thing is she is panting on and off again and crying a little. This is how she was yesterday before she had them. Its now 17 hours since she had her last baby. Is this normal or does it sound like there is something wrong.
She is taking good care of the kittens, she has just been having a little break from them but as soon as they squeek she goes straight back.

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Does she appear to be having any further contractions at all? What about discharge -- a little blood is normal for about 10 days to two weeks after delivery but what about other discharge? Does she seem restless? I am embarrassed to say that I haven't had a chance to read your other post as of yet, but were you present when she had the babies? Did you count 4 placentas, one for each kitten?
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i saw the first 2 placentas, i had to help her deliver the 3rd and i saw her eating the 4th one but didnt actually see it!

She delivered the babies next to me, she wouldnt leave me alone.

There is no discharge and no contractions. She is a little restless but not as bad as yesterday.
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she seems to have settled again now with the babies and she is sleeping while the kittens nurse.
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If you are relatively certain that 4 placentas were delivered, then my guess is that she is probably fine. Some cats can go as long as 24 hours between delivery of kittens, but this really is not the norm.

My advice to you is to watch her carefully for signs that something is amiss ... discharge of anything other than a few drops of blood, off normal eating habits, not caring properly for her babies. If any of these things happen, call the vet and ask them how to proceed. Some want the babies to come in with Momma (*shudder* I hate taking neonates into the vet!!) and others want to segregate the babies from Momma immediately to prevent the spread of problems to them from Momma.
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