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Adult Cat, Kitten, Young Cat...

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I see these ratings after everybody's names, and I have a feeling it has to do with how many posts you have, but I was wondering if anybody knew at what level it changes! I know I am still a kitten, but I'd like to work towards the next level! Help me please!! Thanks!
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Let's see if I can remember all this...(OK, I cheated and looked it up on another thread that asked the same thing )

Up to 20=Kitten
20-100=Young Cat
100-299=Adult cat
300 = Alpha Cat
700 = Super Cat
1200 = Top Cat
Moderators are Home Cats
Anne is Head Cat
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THANK YOU!! I looked for a thread, but despite my search it was nowhere to be found! I can't wait to reach a Young Cat status! Post, post, post!
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Welcome, Katie Lynn!! It's great to have you here at the CatSite. There are loads of nice people here, and they're knowledgable to. I'm sure you'll enjoy being one of us.
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Well Katey Lynn - looks like you made it! Young Cat! (It's easier that is looks like to really rack up the posts here.)

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Yea! You get to drink whole milk now! You hit your 20th. birthday!
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:blubturq: YEAH!! I am 20!! I am 20!! Okay so I am really 15, but close enough right lol!! :blubturq:
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Now I feel really dumb - I noticed the tags alloted everyone and saw that I was a "kitten" thinking that it related to the age of the cat you had. I thought that when my tag changed to "young cat" it was because someone realised that my kitten was growing and needed to now be labled accordingly!

Gee, I'm not sharing this with anyone else - how embarrasing (I'm blonde too - definately not telling anyone)

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LOL Lisa, never mind! How could you know anyway? And another blond here
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Don't worry, I had to guess to, and at first when I saw that it was a donation site, I thought it was how much money you'd given... But it is definitely okay!
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