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Help, holiday question!

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We haven't had a holiday since we got Max, which is almost 2 years now. Max is an indoor cat, but has plenty of playtime & toys to keep him entertained, but has never spent more than one night on his own, so the thought of leaving him on his own for a week is worrying to say the least. When we've stayed away overnight before, my Dad has popped in to feed him & change his litter tray, but I couldn't expect him to do that for a whole week. Are there such things as professional pet sitters, as there would be no way we could take him away from the flat?
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There are petsitters available. I'd ask your vet's office for a recommendation.

We'll be gone for a week in July and I'm having one of my single co-workers come house sit and cat sit. She's a seminary student who lives on campus, so I know I can trust her. She's also a cat person!

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There are cat-sitting services in the UK, a web search would throw up some answers, but you are right a whole week alone, oh no, cant do that. Maybe a good cattery will take Max, explain you havent left him before and they will be able to cater for his needs. Its a good idea to try to get him used to a cattery, cos you may go away next year. You can relax on holiday knowing he´s well looked after. Good luck
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You'll find ads for professional pet sitters in the back of magazines like Your Cat and Cat World. Personal recommendations would be best of course if you know anyone who's used a pet sitter. I always put mine in a cattery if I go away.
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At my vet you can board your cat and I'm not talking about a cage here. It's called a suite. They have several little rooms with lots of cat furniture and it's only like $12 dollars a day. But if you think your cat would be stressed away from home AND with strangers for a week then I guess you would need a professional pet service. We always pay a friend or my boyfriend to check on our pets daily when we're away.
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I've left my cat for over a week before with daily sitter visits. She was totally fine. Unless your cat is extremely anxious, skittish, or needy, he'll be OK.
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