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update on Bella

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Well we made it through the night. I swear when I got her that she wasnt as congested. She had those little sleep boogers, like even humans have when we wake up,..But other then that she seemed fine.
So now with this drainage out of her nose, and eyes, Im starting to wonder if its allergies, etc???

The bubbles that come out of her nose are clear..Is it possible cats have regular colds and not viruses? Once again she is only 9 wks and gotten from a shelter

But for allergies this happened before she ate, drank or used litter
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In cats, a "cold" is normally normally caused by one of the Corona-family of viruses. So, no, it normally isn't possible to have a cold not caused by a virus.

however, upon entering a new environment (into your home from the shelter), it is possible for a little upper respiratory issue to crop up from: 1) the stress of adjusting to the new environment, 2) developing immunity to the specific irritants in the new environment which may not have been present in the previous one, and 3) temperature variations from the new environment being either warmer or cooler than the previous one.

Typically, clear, white or slightly yellow thin watery mucous denotes allergies/viral activity. Thick yellow or green pus-like mucous denotes a bacterial load and antibiotics are indicated.
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Thank you for your quick response. I work in the medical field, but I dont know anything about cats illnesses, being that I have never had issues before. I know in adults nothing can be done for viruses. So Im guessing that as long as it isnt the bacterial you told me about then there is no antibiotics?

I keep remembering that wonderful woman who used to post on here all the time whos cat had the 2 kittens, and they both ended up passing away, due to viruses. So thats why Im worried, although they were younger. I tried looking for her posts, but cant remember her name. It was around march/april when Squiggles had Squeeky.

I saw the post about cleaning them, and have been doing that. I just didnt want to put her at more risks either.

Its almost like when kids are sick on fridays, and over the weekends. Do you rush them in over the weekend, or wait till after work on Monday

But I do thank you. I just cant ignore this issue, when the reason for getting her was to improve her life
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Just like humans, viruses in cats must be allowed to run thier course. However, there are times when a secondary bacterial infection can occur. If that happens, then yes, antibiotics are absolutely indicated.

*smile* No, we can't ignore these things, but what we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge and know what to watch out for.

With babies, things can get out of hand pretty quickly but if you keep a good watch on her for signs of problems (not eating normally, sleeping more than usual, feeling hot to the touch, not playing normally in addition to the more obvious physical symptoms) then you are ahead of the game.
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