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Can I get an Opinion?

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My brother recently bought a Bull Mastiff, and named her Buttercup. She is a wonderful dog, and has a huge area to run and play. My brother decided to send her away to "puppy boot camp" so she would come back trained. Is this something that lazy dog owners do, or is this an alternative for people who have busy lives so their dogs can get trained?
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I'm inclined to think it's a little too convenient. I think it's very important for pet owners to have that interaction with their dog while training them. It's vital to establishing a good relationship.
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If the dog gets trained, very good. Especially if the camp works with the owner to continue the training. I'm so tired of seeing untrained dogs running loose and the owners screaming at them to behave. Though it would be preferable that the owner does it himself, not all owners are skilled enough to properly train the animal.
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while its preferable if the owner does it themselves. At least he is getting the dog trained. Hope he follows up with it tho. alot of busy or those who dont feel confident enough to train the dog themselves do this opition.
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Personally I wouldn't get a dog unless I had the time to train it myself, but at least he is bothering and not tying the dog up all day hoping it behaves itself
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Every single dog should know these commands, no matter how they learn them.

Sit. Stay. Come back. Stop.
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He got Buttercup back a few days ago. Someone from the camp came out and taught him all the commands and they spent the whole day together. He said that he did it because he knew that she was going to be a big dog, and didn't want to screw up her training.
The dog by the way is a love. She is one of the most gentle dogs I've ever met. When my brother was searching for a good breeder he made sure that Bull Mastiffs were the only dog the breeder had, and that they had been established for years and years. The breeder also offered to bring over other dogs that had been placed for him to check out. Everything seems to be fine.
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I'd look at this in a different way. Take horses for instance. It is quite common for them to be sent to 'horse school' to learn about being ridden. In fact, it can be better for them than being trained by someone who may think they know what they're doing, but don't really know anything. The best places will get the owner in during the training to work with their horse. So, as long the people were kind and knowledgeable, and the owner of the dog gets to work with their pooch, I'd say it could be a very good thing.
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ok heres my view. the son of mine that has asthma also has mental retardation and some other issues. we got a small dog from my mom who gets along great with him but is small enough that cant really hurt him i would love for him to have his own dog and as we like bigger dogs i would spend the money to have him properly trained and socialised as i know the benifits to him being around animals he has alot of behavior issues but does great around animals and they have helped him have more confidence and he has took responsibility like feeding playing and even takes the new one outside. but for us right now i dont have the time to train a dog for him if i had the option i would do it. not saying to get out of it all i would want us and him to have a part in the training but the time it would take to train a dog so that they culd be companions i just dont have between taking care of him and 2 other healthy children
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My SIL works with dogs quite a bit. She has done a lot of training in the past, though less of that now. She would tell you that training for dogs is as much about training the human as about training the dog. That said, though, I think she would also say that getting proper professional training for the dog is more important than including its human in the process, though any involvement the human can have in this process is better than none.
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It's responcible to train your dog. Mastifs are huge!! But he should really go with her to learn with Buttercup the commands and what not to do. It will increase the bond between puppy and human. Training dogs with other dogs is key. If they can see others doing it they will too.. sorta like people.
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I don't think it's that bad...the dog is getting trained. But I really do think that owners should have a huge part in the training of their dog, it helps build their bond and the dog will see them as their leader.
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Dog owners should train their own dogs. If they need help, they should go to school together.

It is a bonding time and the dog will do better with the caregiver/owner.

I could never personally never send mine off. You never really know how they are being treated/boarded or what the true methods of discipline are...

Bad idea in my opinion.
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