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NEW to TCS - Quick question

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Hello all

I am new, well I have been reading for about a month, finally registered and posting!

I see MANY replies suggesting pumpkin for diarreaha and for constipation, so i am just wondering, which does it work for?

I have 2 cats... Cynni is 1 & 1/2 years old, siamese/tabby mix, adopted from our local Human society in Oct 05. She is in good health other then a few rounds of pink eye, which turned out to be allergies, and she has had several cases of tapeworm < vet says because she is a hunter cat, and gives me Droncit as needed>

Gizmo is a 11 week old Blue Point Siamese that i am fostering from our Humane society til he is nuetered , then I may fully adopt him. I have had him 2 weeks, and he has already been treated for his own tape worm, and well as been on Albon for massive Diearreaha w/ blood and mucus present. vet ran test and couldnt find any parasites, but put him on 7 days of Albon to be safe.

First night of Albon showed improvement, solid stools for the entire 7 days. His last dose of Albon was given Thursday and lastnight , Saturday > my husband noticed he had diareaha again, NO blood. But yesterday afternoon his stool was fine.

Should I be concerned that whatever he had is back? Also.. this is where my Pumpkin question comes into play.... which is it good for? heheh

Thanks very much !

Mom to Cynni & Gizmo
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I believe the pumpkin works for diarrhea because it is pretty much pure fiber for cats and dogs....the fiber creates bulk thus slowing down the perstalsis of the small & large intestines....it's definatley worth trying!
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Hi and welcome! On the diarrhea, if it comes back I would get hte vet to test again. Sometimes the monoclonal parasites don't show the first time, and it can take several weeks of meds to get rid of them. I had this problem with my two boys, who were full of nasties when they arrived with me, and they had several different drugs over nearly 5 weeks before their stools were completely normal. No trouble since, thank goodness, although they are both hunters.
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It's been recommended to me by 2 vets for Callie's firm stools, so I give it as a stool softener.

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