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Hobbes: The Wonder Cat

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This is in loving memory of my first cat Hobbes. Hobbes joined my family the day before my 15th birthday. He was left in a cardboard box on my front door step. Someone rang the bell and ran. I looked down and this tiny kitten, no more than six weeks old, meowed at me. I took him in. My Mother, at the time, was morning the loss of another cat Ming. She didn't want to keep Hobbes, and I was told that he was going to be taken to the APL. For some reason my Mom threw Hobbes into our cat carrier and took him to our vet, not the APL. He was a mess he had an eye infection, worms, and a respiratory infection. He also needed to be put back on kitten formula and be nursed from a bottle while he was on all the medications. The vet gave him a 50/50 chance. By the grace of God the little guy made it.
Moving on, my Mother still wasn't happy about having this cat. After he got better we found out that he was a climber. If we couldn't find him when we got home, all we had to do was look up and he would be climbing something.
As Hobbes grew, so did my Mother's love. Hobbes and my Mom became inseparable. She would take him everywhere she could. After my parents divorce and after I moved out to go to college it ended up being my Mom and Hobbes together the whole time. I used to joke that cat had more frequent flyer miles than I did.
Hobbes crossed the Rainbow Bridge three years ago. I still think about him every day. I can't wait to play with him again.
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Rest in peace Hobbes. You are loved and still missed.
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That was a very beautiful tribute to Hobbes Is there a sequel - another cat in your mom's life, I mean.
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Yep! My Mom went to the shelter and found her new little girl Violet. Violet recently broke out of her house and came back with a kitten Buddy. The three of them now are a traveling band of love and wisdom.
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Bless his little heart Things happen for a reason and Hobbes was put there for one

Hobbes will be having a brilliant time with all the other TCS kitties
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Things really do happen for a reason. I believe there is a season for everything and I just know that cats have seasons in our lives, for their benefit and mostly ours. R.I.P Hobbes.
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