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My sister's new kitten

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She took her to the pound yesterday she realized she had an upper respitory infection and said that's why she took her home was to nurse her back to health well the kitten was still sick and she decided to take her to the pound. She was feeding her viena weiners even though I told her to get her some cat food. She said her other cat was coming soon. I offered to take the kitty and to pay for it to go to the vet and she said you don't need that cat I am taking it to the pound. And my dad agreed with her. She took this kitten to a HIGH kill shelter. Was the tiniest kitten I would have taken her if I had my own place but I live with my father and he refused to let me. And I can't afford my own place just yet I don't make enough were I work at now and that poor kitten is going to probably die and I feel like its my fault because I didn't have my own place.
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I'm so sorry. Do you have any friends who would foster it for you?

Maybe you/they could rescue it.

It's not your fault that your circumstances aren't better. And if they were, you still couldn't save them all, just by yourself, possibly even if you were as rich as Bill Gates. Its a Sophie's choice every day.

I know that doesn't make it seem any better - but I try to tell myself that I (we - the cat lovers out there) have to save the ones we can, and focus on that, even though we are sad that we can't save them all.
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Happens all the time, stories like this pour into shelters nationwide. Cat's are "disposable" if they don't "work out" or aren't "perfect" no big deal, just throw them out like garbage. If they are to much trouble, just toss them outside! Pee on my couch? How dare they! Out you go into the world to fend for yourself, because my couch is worth so much more many of you!

"Spay my cat and neuter my tom? You must be nuts! Why for a spay job I can buy 4 cases of Bud Light, 3 packs of cigs and gas for my car!"

Yep, throw one away and get another to "replace it." After all, we are human, they are just possessions, not anything to give a tinker's dam about especially if they are more trouble than they are worth!"

I hear this all the time, and my heart weeps for every cat that is tossed outside, dumped in the woods or taken into a shelter because the human in their life has decided they aren't worth a plugged nickel! Or they don't respond as they are "expected to"

I hope you can find someone who can rescue this kitten and somehow, I hope the next cat coming to your sister, never arrives!
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The problem is I don't know many people who I would trust with a flea much less a kitten. Because the area I live in seems to breed idiots and they all seem to think animals are disposible. Like this one guy I know his mom had him dump a siamese cat because she was too vocal (was long before I knew the people or I would have taken the kitty) and the people I work with either don't like cats or are far worse like my boss her cat is declawed but she lets her outside she says well she doesn't go anywhere but the front lawn and I say well you never know when they will decide to go futher. But I don't know of anyone who I would give a flea to around here its why I am trying to move away. So I don't have to deal with these kinds of people. But that pour kitten is such a sweetie. I hope the shelter will give her a chance the people that I met there seem nice (I have to go there to liscence my dog) but they are just so over crowded because of bad pet owners they just got through busting a puppy mill around here. Why can't people love their animals or not get them at all.
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You should call the people who are sending the cat to your sister and tell them to cancel it because of what she is doing to the other cat!
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What a horrible situation! I can't imagine this woman owning a cat at all. How upsetting.
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I agree with Fwan - if you can get the details, I would suggest calling the people sending your sister the new cat and explaining the situation to them, calmly, of course, so that you don't end up sounding like a nutter. But I would consider telling them the details, especially the part about refusing to feed it properly and refusing your offer to get it vetinary care. Perhaps they will reconsider sending her one.
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I understand.

I know it probably hurts to think about, but maybe you could try one of the following strategies:

Can you take it from the pound and take it to a no-kill shelter? They will probably be happy to have you pay for it's vetinary care. Even the high kill shelter might agree to keep it if you can help with the vet bills for the URI.

If you are active in a local church, could you maybe find someone there - a pastor, priest, or parishoner who would foster it, especially if you offered to help with the bills and to find a forever home?

Maybe try ringing nursing homes or convents, etc, to see if someone would like to help this kitten, especially if you can help them help it.

Maybe your vet would like a cat for his/her practice?

I don't know how mobile you are, but I would extend the limits of my search to as far away as I could get the kitten in a pinch - out of state friends, shelters, vets, cousins - if you have the option.

Good luck little kitty! You and all your unwanted cousins and siblings are in my prayers.
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That is horible!! Is there any way AT all you can adopt that kitten?? And why is she getting another cat? More than likely this one will have something wrong with it, and she will dispose of it like a piece of trash!! She doesnt deserve any more animals-EVER!!
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Gah! I don't have any advice, but I sure am sending vibes your way that something can be done for this poor little kitten. And I'm with Fran... call the people who are sending the next cat to your sister and explain the situation to them. Maybe it's underhanded, but it might save a life.

People like this make me so mad!
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Ahh, Kentucky - that can be a very rough area for cats & dogs... We found a young pupppy that had been thrown in the river near the Ft. Henry site & couldn't find any kind of a shelter anywhere. We stopped a policeman who told us that if we gave her to him, he'd have to take it to the local vet to be euthanized and that would cost the town $100, and he would have to charge us that. So we drove the pup over the border to Tennessee & got a motel room till the TN shelter opened up. I left the dog with a donation to cover her adoption fees plus food, toys & towels & cleaning supplies for the cat room. Also, in KY, there was a pack of all kinds of dogs that had been dumped off at the state park, including dachshunds & a beautiful Pomeranian that I wanted to catch & bring home with me - all the dogs were COVERED in ticks of every color & size that ticks can be....UNBELIEVABLE
I will say prayers for your sister's kitten, that she be rescued by someone who can help. If not, then, Godspeed over RB, little kitty - may the angels keep you close, as humanity has failed you so miserably.....
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Well I live with my dad so he won't let me adopt this kitty and I don't really know anyone here who would help me. I wish I did if only I had my own place.
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I'm so sorry about the kitten hun. I wish there was something that could be done....(((hugs)))<---cause I don't feel like opening the smilies.
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This is so sad
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