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Is my cat bored or just wanting attention?

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My cat button is into everything. Mostly my fake plants. she likes the ones in my bathroom the most. I shut my bathroom door and the first thing she does is go for the plants. Even when I tell her no, she meows at me. she has 2 other cats to play with and plays well with them all the time.

she also goes into my daughters room and pulls out all kinds of small toys to clothes.

I have bought fake mice for her to play with and she loves them. She loses them, I find them. She has all kinds of attention from me and others. If I am just watching tv she will pull on my hair and nudge my legs or arms till I notice her then she leaves for a while then comes back.

Can someone please help? sometimes I think she should be on tv due to the attention she wants. What is going on? She is 4,declawed,spayed, and indoor kitty.
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When did this behavior start?

If this is something relatively new, then maybe you should consult a vet about this. Sometimes a change of behavior can indicate a medical problem (thyroid?).

A note about her being declawed - I know that declawed cats tend to have more behavioral problems. I hope you were not the one responsible for her declawing, but this might be something to put into the equasion here.
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What breed is she? If mixed, can you tell any dominant traits that remind you of certain breeds. Generally cats that have touches of Siamese, Oriental Shorthairs and Abysinans are especially active. My experience has been the smarter the cat the more inquisitive and active. I say all of this as someone who bred persians for years and still has six. Persians tend to be very sweet, but not always so smart. They are very laid back and not nearly as active as some of the other breeds.

Also, you have to take into consideration that cats, like people, have their own little personality. Is she is eating, maintaining weight and a pretty coat and showing no signs of illness, you probably just have a busy little girl. Hey, I wonder if cats can be ADHD?
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A friend of mine found buttons and her brother in a trash dumpster when they were kittens. She has the brother. She is just a black/white domestic kitty.

I think she is very smart, it's hard to explain, she is just so busy and seems to know what I am thinking and saying. Like she knows not to get into that stuff and goes for it and waiting for me to tell her no, then when I do she stops. LOL

she is healthy, active and funny. Always keeps me going. Maybe she is missing something in her diet. I will ask the vet about something.

Thanks all
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Some cats are naturally "busy" cats - mine is and he'll be that way most of his life!!! I believe the more intelegent they are the busier the are - always something new do discover or re-discover. That is the beauty of them. If she has always been this way and eats, drinks and does her business with no problem just accept her as she is and enjoy. If this is a recnt change evaluate as of when it started and any changes/sitation that might have occured to make her react this way. If you are still not sure call your Vet for a consultation. Good luck!
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