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My teenage kitten Crcket just cant seem to fight of conjuntivitus. His lil 'sister' Spazza is a moggie and she has responded to treatment and hers has never returned - but Cricket being Tonkinese and having a weaker immune system just cant seem to fight it off. He has taken two kinds of antibiotics and eye drops. Do any of you guys have any sugestions about how I could make his immune system stronger or help him fight this off? It must suck for him constantly havving a sore eye

I'm feeding Royal Cannin kitten formula - in New Zealand we dont get any of the more organic brands and only one vet and two pet shops in my city stock Royal cannin. Is there anything I should supplement his food with.

Also - Spazza is a very stunted kitten because of her harsh beginnings...disease and abuse etc. Is there anything I can do to help her grow? She is six months old and is about the size of a 12-14 week old kitten. The vet has examined her and says she looks fat and well - just abnormally small. It nothing I should worry about most likely... but thought I would ask