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I am so miserable

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So i woke up today bright and early with horrible pain in my ear, jaw area. Steve was already gone to work. I had the car but i knew i couldnt drive myself. He of course had no way to come and get me. So we tried to get ahold of my mom or dad. ect. Well finally my mom called me back around noon. By this time i was a puddle of tears. I have seriously never felt such horrible pain in all my life. and that includes the time a 1200lb horse rolled on me.

So my mom comes, and takes me to the hospital. One i do not like but its close and thats where she wanted to go. we check in and spend two hours, sitting in the waiting room. Two hours...ugh.I was miserable ended up laying on the floor trying to focus o something because of the pain.

Finally i get shown back, take the blood pressure. ect and than left. Another hour passes, no one comes and checks on me. Nothing. I am just left to sit in this room. Which is Freezing BTW. Finally my mom in the waiting room got frusterated and asked someone where her daughter was. She was shown back, I guess by this time my feet were purple. (had sandals on) well when my mom comment on this the woman promptly got me some nice snuggly blankets. That were prewarmed that was NICE.

Shortly after the doctor comes in. Checks me over, says I have a ruptured impacted wisdom tooth. YAY FOR ME. tells me to see a dentist right away (duh)He writes me precrips and thats it sends me on my way. Took another hour to get the precrips than i had to eat before i could take them oh yeah THAT was fun. Finally the pain has now stopped...i am wide awake (which is odd most pain meds knock me out)

I just couldnt belive that didnt give me anything At the hospital. Last time i went in for an ear infection they did. Diffrent hospital of course.

So that was my saturday.
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Maybe the hospital thought that you didn't have health insurance & couldn't afford it, or that the meds at the hosp. would take too long to get. It does seem odd that they didn't give you antibiotic there, though - when I had a kidney infection (and I'm allergic to most of the older antibiotics, such as penicillins, sulfas & erythromyacins) I was given an injection of a new antibiotic & had to stay there for 1/2 hour to be sure that I wouldn't have a reaction. It would have been nice if they could have given you a shot, since tooth infections can become deadly serious. I hope that you make a speedy recovery!
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I have insurance and they knew it was they took the info down when I got there. Although I was mad about that. I think I was most upset about being left totally alone for an hour. they could have at least looked in on me. After all what if i had a bad reaction or something?

Yup I had a tooth absecss (spelling?i am on drugs lol) few years ago. That was horrible and its good i went in when i did or it was going to go into my blood, and coulda killed me.
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I hope you get better soon *hugs*
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I am so sorry that happened. When you get the tooth removed you will feel so much better I promise. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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God you poor thing what an ordeal.
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Holy Moly! What a horrible start to the day! Hopefully Steve will come home and baby you until you feel better!
I hope you feel better soon!
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Oh Gosh I hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks guys. well right now little A is my nurse, lol hes testing my soup for me (i think he just wants to eat it lol) Steve will be home around 4pm which i guess isnt to bad. But still bumms me out cause i could have used him today, lol me trying to make this soup was pretty darn funny.

Thank goodness i have a laptop now with wireless so i can keep myself occupied in bed

My bed sure is full tho. I have Little A, Loki, Jellie, Lilly, and Maia all in it with me
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Uck! I'm sorry. I hope you feel better very very soon!
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Thanks. the cats sure are trying to make me feel better heh
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Sorry you had such a crummy Saturday sending you many get well vibes!
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Thank you My sunday is kinda the same no pain but no steve either. and i sure could use him here to take care of me heh
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Aren't emergency rooms fun!!!! I had a similar experience when I had a bladder infection.
Hope the tooth can be removed soon and you recover ok.
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Originally Posted by GailC
Aren't emergency rooms fun!!!! I had a similar experience when I had a bladder infection.
Hope the tooth can be removed soon and you recover ok.
thanks my dad is getting me a name of a dentist to go to so i can make sure i have a valium before i go. since i have panic attacks bad.

I am pretty happy at the moment, LOL pain pills.

But yes ER rooms are not cool.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
But yes ER rooms are not cool.
But you did find them cold. I lucked out - when I had my gall bladder out, the ER was empty, the staff was bored, so I got great drugs and attention right away and didn't have a care in the world. Luckily hubby was there to make sure I didn't sign everything away . Definitely would not want to go by myself. You really do need someone to keep track of you in there.

Hoping you're feeling better
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Thanks. My Mom went with me. It was freezing in that darn room. I hated it. Wrell steve is finally home and taking care of me. now.
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Sounds like you spent a dreadful day!

Your mailbox is full, Katie. I was wondering if you had seen this thread...

A lovely litter of ragdolls is named in honor of some beloved TCS kitties. One sweetheart is named Ares!
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oppsy hehe well the mailbox is clean now yes i did see it a while back. And i was so touched I just havent had a chance to go back and post we do miss our little guy alot. But its very sweet to know theres another baby named in his honor.

That was kinda our deal with Little A as well
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