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easygoing kitties

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this isn't a behaviour problem, i was just wondering how many of you have a kitty who is really easygoing?

ive grown up around cats, and had experience with a lot of different cat purrsonalities, and for the most part, the cats i've known do what THEY want to, and if you try to direct them, they don't like it. they come to your lap when THEY want to, only want to be held when they want to, ect. which is fine of course-that's how most cats are, and part of the reason we love them. Wonton isn't like that tho-he's just the most laid back kitty i've ever had. He can be sitting on thefloor or walking around, and i can pick him up and set him on my lap-most cats would hop down-he just looks at me like "oh-you want me on your lap? ok " and settles down and goes to sleep. which is nice, cos it means i can get a kitty cuddle whenever i want, instead of having to wait til he's in the mood. he's always in the mood

i also like to pick him up, and sort of hold him out and stretch him out a little bit, and i'll tell my bf "look at this specimen!" he doesn't struggle, his body stays relaxed in my arms. i can also pick him up and lay him across my chest, and lean backwards a bit so his body weight is resting on my body, and take my hands away.. and he'll just lay there! he doesn't get excited or scared or scramble to get down. i've remarked on this more than once to my bf, who replies "it's because he trusts you". which of course makes me feel wonderful.

i just started thinking about this, cos i was reading this board and suddenly felt the need to cuddle Wonton. i got up and found him in lounging on the bathroom floor. i picked him up and brought him out here and set him on the cushion in my lap, where he promptly settled down..he's been hanging out with me while i write this.

tell me about your laid back kitties
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Dushka is totally laid back with me, and in fact with most humans after she has had a sniff or two. I can pick her up in any position, carry her like a baby, cuddle her or put her down and she will just stay there, and she sleeps every night on my arm till morning. But it is a different story with other cats - she will hiss, growl and swipe if they get in her way, won't eat at the same time or in the same place, and only very occasionally will tolerate a little mutual grooming.
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Wonton is the same - he doesn't like other cats at all..i know he's going to be the only cat in this house, even though i'd like to adopt more when i have the means - i just know he'd never accept them. That's ok though, if he wants to be the Only Cat, it's fine with me

Wonton sleeps curled next to my stomach every night. Without fail, when he sees me get in bed and lay down, and pull the covers up over myself, he hops up and snuggles down next to me. I've actually been sleeping better since we got him (i have chronic insomnia). i guess there's just something comforting about having a purry furball sleeping next to you
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8-Bit is a bit too serious to be laid back. Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds is way more at ease once he gets to know you.
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