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Abused Persian Cat

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Yesterday I became the owner of a Persian cat, about 1.5 years old according to veterinarian.

My wife and I went to visit some of her relatives yesterday, who 2 weeks ago got a new Persian cat. They had from earlier 2 adult cats. Since this Persian cat is also an adult, they started fighting. What her relatives did was simply putting this cat in a cage, and it stayed there for 2 weeks!! They cleaned the cage every few days, so the cat was lying in his own excrements every day for 2 weeks! It was wet all over from his own pee when we got there. When me and my wife saw this we immediately brought the cat to the veterinarian and then took it to our home.

The cat now has water in his loungs which the veterinarian says he will heal from. We got medicine, and try to take very well care of him. He also got himself an eye infection.

The problem is that during those 2 weeks this cat has understandably became extremely scared of people. Every time I approach him to wipe him with some special tissues with antibiotics (Doctors order - He REALLY stinks still, but can't bathe him because of the water in the lungs!!), he's hissing at me and showing his teeth. When I wipe him, his whole body's shaking! He's not biting no matter what I do to him though! Not even when I clean his eye and give him eye drops.. Even though it seems that it hurts.

Does anyone have experience with similar cases? I'd highly appreciate advice on how to improve the mental state of our newly adopted cat! I have no idea how this cat have been treated before this family got him 2 weeks ago, but supposedly he was more friendly towards people back then. Unfortunately we have yet to speak with the first owner of the cat, but will try to get in touch with him.

Thanks in advance!

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You could put him in a safe room with very soft lighting and some people play classical music very soft barely loud enough to hear it. Other than what you have to do to take care of him medically don't force yourself on him. When you are in the room with him talk to him softly even if he is hiding. It will take a while and the fact that you have to handle him before he is ready to take care of his medical needs will probably lenghthen the time it will take. Be patient eventually he will come around. Right now he doesn't trust or like people very much but he will come around. You could also try a Feliway diffuser. It mimics the scent of calm happy cat pheronomes.
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Thats so sad. I'm so very glad you have given him a new home. I also suggest just letting him get used to his new home.Hes had a rough time of it lately hes ill and scared. Give him time and he should come around. persians are known for the friendly laid back personalities. There usually big fluffy love bugs.In time he should be fine. Just do the necessary things that he needs done and don't push yourself on him.Try and show him some affection if he will allow it slowly.
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You are a great person for taking in this kitty. It's a lot of work, but it will be worth it. The people here won't show you wrong.
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