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Black cat turning grey?

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I was just wondering if this is normal.. She's 11 and is currently on innova evo, but I'm most likely switching to the regular innova tomorrow. I didn't notice her turning grey until my sister shaved her today (my cat loves to be shaved, didn't even need to ace her). Now all her short hair on her body is greyish, when she's always been a black/brown with red highlights.

She had a senior panel about 3 weeks ago and everything was good, except her massive girth
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Like humans, cats also go grey. My Siamese Cinnamon was starting to go grey at 11.
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A lack of the enzyme tyrosine and/or a copper deficiency is also related to the colour change in cats so because of this it may be worth asking the vet to run some tests.

Tyrosine is found naturally in meat and eggs so it may be as simple as a diet change if the vet finds this to be the case.
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Depending on the time of year my Persian Simon will go from smokey black to grey and even a reddish tint. We shave him as well and it's more noticeable as his fur starts growing back. We have always attributed it to the seasons and climate.
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as sadie's mom said. My cat birdie. she has grey ear hairs. she is about 4.
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The grey you're seeing now is most likely the normal color of your cat's undercoat or roots which is visible because her top coat of black hair has been removed. It's not unusual for solid color cats to have a paler colored undercoat. My solid black kitty also had grey colored undercoat hair.
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