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Hi I was here awhile back but my internet was down until just recently. To remind everyone I am the mom of Gizmo and Kitty who are both doing great. Gizmo was 4 weeks old and 10.5 oz when we found him and is now 7 weeks and almost 2 pounds! Gizmo is now extremely playful and him and Kitty get along at times but are not doing to well at the moment. It seemed like Kitty and Gizmo were getting along really well this past week but for the past two days they have been hissing at each other again. But I hope all will be well again soon and we will just have to take things slow with them again. I am also attaching pictures so I hope everyone enjoys their cuteness.

Kitty Playing in the Dirty Clothes
Kitty Stuck In The Water Box
Gizmo in the Blinds
Giz In The Blinds Again
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welcome back to you and your adorable kitties!!
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Your cats are very cute!
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Welcome back

They are adorable little furbabies!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome back - hope your internet problems are resolved now
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