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Worried about trip to France

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I'm going to France on Friday (June 30th) and won't be back until July 25th. As most of you, here, can sympathize, I'm incredibly worried about my cats. I'll have a vet technician come by twice a day to give Penelope her asthma medication, play with them, feed them, etc., and I've elicited an agreement from my mom to come by twice a week and play with them, brush them, refill Penelope's birdfeeder, but still... it's going to be so difficult.

I'm a French teacher as well as a person who has spent much time in French-speaking countries so it's important to me to spend some time abroad when I can. I just feel so incredibly guilty about this and I know I'm going to miss them like crazy. It's so hard for me to go anywhere and feel good about going anywhere. Do any of you have similar problems?
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I understand completely... and it's my husband who's going to take care of the girls! Oof. I'm leaving July 4 and not returning until August 20. Hubby's completely in charge, and while I know he'll be entirely competent, I know that the girls won't be played with or doted upon. I feel horribly guilty about the whole thing. Going to miss them like crazy.
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We travel almost not at all -- due in large part to my reluctance to leave the girls. Lately when we've needed to be away, we have a cat sitter who comes in every day, and we feel fine about her and the care the girls get. But even so, there has to be a darned good reason for being away, and I'm afraid Mum doesn't think of much other than the kitties while we're gone. You're not alone!!
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the truth is, as much as we love our cats, we also have lives, and sometimes those lives require us to travel. i know how you feel... i found a great boarding kennel here in SF, took a tour of it and it's really nice, it's been written up in pet magazines ect, so i don't worry about Wonton's physical health while he's there...but i can't help wondering what's going on in his little kitty brain. does he think we've abandoned him? it would break my heart to think he thinks that. the first time we left him, it was for a week when we went to Reno, and when we brought him home, he was all over us-would NOT leave our arms, wouldn't turn off the purr motor, and stuck to us like glue for the next two days..he was SO happy to see us. it was nice knowing we were missed and loved..i just hate to think of him being lonely or scared.

you have the advantage that at least your pets will get to stay in your home-that's a LOT less stressful than having to go to a boarding kennel.. i'm sure they'll be fine. try not to feel too guilty-you have a life too, and you're entitled to live it

i'd have someone pet sit if i knew anyone, but honestly there's no one here i'd really trust to take care of my cat, and i'd feel uneasy with a pet sitter because i don't know them. for me the best way is to leave him at the kennel.
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I know exactly how you feel. I visit my family in the U.S. every August, so my husband has to look after Jamie for several weeks. I know he's perfectly capable, but I still worry, and call all the time. Ditto when we go away together for a week, and my mother-in-law is cat sitting. I just feel guilty, like I'm abandoning my baby.
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Well I cry every time I leave my babies in the cattery

So i avoid it as much as possible which of course means we haven't had a holiday for several years. A friend of ours used to live in the house when we were away, but he has other responsibilities now. They have only been in catteries very rarely.

We are going to Cuba at the end of the year which means my 3 will be in a cattery for nearly 3 weeks. Am i worried, ohhh yeah Not with the care they will recieve, i know that is not an issue, but the fact that they are all getting on a bit now and i hate to leave them for any length of time.

I dont know what goes on in their furry little heads but they are always pleased to us.

And i miss them when they are not there
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When my office closed last september I lost my co-worker/petsitter of many years as she will be moving about and hour away and live in Florida for the winter. So know I to find someone else fairly close by and reliable. My neighbor's 2 children will be in 3rd and 5th grade and I know they would love to watch them when we are gone so I will be doing a short trial run this summer with them. The don't have cats but enjoy coming over and playing with my cats. They are pretty decent kids and I think they would enjoy doing this for us.
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Suggestion for those who are looking for a cat sitter and don't know where to start. Do what I did. Visit Meowhoo.com (link at the bottom of any TCS page ) and look under Specialized Pet Services. There are a gazillion listings there for cat sitters all over the place. I found a local listing there that really appealed to me. I suspected from the information on her site that we would be out of her service area, but got in touch anyway, just in case, and in case she might have other suggestions. Well, she was really sorry, but yes, we were out of her service area, however -- she did have a suggestion for me, and the woman she suggested is GREAT. Give it whirl -- nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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I will send my baby over to my SIL's for our vacation... I know she will get excellent care there, and at least she won't be home alone all the time. I will still be sick with worry that she will think we abandoned her....
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The fact that you all understand my predicament helps so much. Thank you.

Arcadian Girl, I used to live in the SF area and Molly and Penelope once went to a boarding place exclusively for cats north of SF. I can't remember the name of the place, though. They were kittens at the time.
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I was looking for the boarding place where Molly and Penelope spent a week and a half because it bothers me that I can't remember the name. It was a pretty nice place. They had a common room with many many cat trees, an aquarium, a bird cage, etc. Of course, Molly is extremely skittish so she was in huddling in her enclosure the whole time.

Anyway, I came across this place. They have spa packages for cats which include facials, aromatherapy, and even limo pick-up and drop-off!

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