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HELP - Newbie with 2 pregnant ladies

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This is my first post. I'm new to being the Mom of pregnant kitties as well, and I am in serious need of advice. My situation is an odd one.

I've been doing fosters and rescues for years. My friend, a breeder of Siamese, knows this, and so she contacted me when her health and finances forced an immediate move from the area. I took in two of her queens knowing that one of them was probably pregnant (though my friend was unsure as to when Chelsea bred, she did tell me it was probably during a period of time when she was out of town and a neighbor was caring for her cats - Chelsea was in heat at the time, and the neighbor had failed to close a door separating her queens from her males. She estimated that this happened not before the beginning of May, maybe as much as a week or two before, but she was not completely certain when.) We've had her two weeks now, and her belly has gone from distended to immense. She's basically a tiny cat who looks like she's had a large grapefruit inserted into her midsection. Her belly is tight as a drum, you can feel the babies kicking pretty strongly, and her boobies are swollen and the back ones are hanging down like udders. No milk so far, but she's inordinately interested in our closets the last couple of days, although she seems most comfortable on our beds. She is a needy little girl emotionally, so her following us from room to room looking for attention is a standard thing. She's been washing her privates a lot today, though, and she doesn't seem terribly interested in food. I'm excited and nervous and very, very ready for these kittens to come. She is so huge she HAS to be miserable.

There's a second factor in this tale, an unexpected one. The second little girl we took is a bit older, perhaps seven, and my friend never mentioned that she might be expecting. Well, Sassy's swelling up now as well, boobs as well as belly, and she seems bigger every day. I have no clue when she got exposed, but I'm pretty sure she has her own little family growing in there. Now I may not know exactly when Chelsea's going to give birth, but I can tell that it's going to be soon because there's no darn way she'll be able to stand if she gets much bigger. Sassy, though, is a complete unknown. How can I tell how far along this cat is? Could the vet tell me without expensive tests? We're going to be financially strained as it is funding shots etc. for two litters of kittens and spays for the girls, and while we want the best for them our finances have to be taken into account.
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Welcome to TCS. It's good of you to plan ahead and be willing to spay these queens once they have had their litters. The link below has some good information about what to look for with regards to pregnant cats:


I would set up each girl with her own nesting box, kitten food, water and litterbox in a seperate room from each other since they were mated by 2 seperate males under different circumstances.

Gayef who is the moderator of this forum is a breeder of old style siamese cats and can probably assist you with questions regarding the breed. Feel free to send her a personal PM.

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That's so kind of you to take them in... even though you had no idea what you're in for.

Welcome to the site, and keep us posted! I'd love to see pics of these gorgeous ladies. I love Siamese.
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Welcome to TCS possumstew

I'm sorry I'm not able to help you with your queens dilemma, hope they have their kittens soon and without any problems. Keep us informed, please.

I just love siamese cats, in fact I'm looking for another one. My Joss died almost a year ago, and I've started my search for another meezer
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Is there anyone within your foster/rescue circle who is experienced with queens and kittens? They might be a good resource for you.

And are you aware of the cats health info? If the queens are up to date on shots and wormings, that will provide more chance of healthy babies. I don't think in general a cat up to date on health checks needs to see the vet due to pregnancy, unless there is some problem you notice.

Can you contact the friend you got them from, to find out the birthing history of the girls? Especially with the 7 y/o, as I think most breeders have their queens spayed by that age. But if she has had several uneventful deliveries, that would be helpful.

Also, whether moggie (mongrel) or purebred, you should charge some fee for every kitten you adopt out. Call it the spay the Mom fund, or what have you, but hopefully you will be able to recoup some of your expenses when you adopt the kittens out.
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