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My cat was givin horse worm medican and now its puples are big and its unstedy on his feet, plz let me know if i need to treat it fast and how much time. PLZ ASAP let me know the side effects ect...
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my cat ate horse medicine and now it's pupels are all dilated it cant walk right! i need to know the side effects ect. my vet is closed and i dont know what to do.PLEASE help!i need a response A.S.A.P PLEASE!
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There are usually emergency vet hospitals that take animals when vets are closed. Are you sure there are no emergency vets in the area?
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but im not sure if its that huge of a deal, idk if i can wait intill monday if any 1 can get some research on this it will help
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I know emergency vets are expensive but it sounds like if her eyes are dilated, it's a problem that can't wait until monday. You can wait until someone here weighs in on the matter but, honestly, I think they'll tell you to do the same thing I did.
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You should get your cat to the vet- by the time you type out what medicine your cat ate, how much she ate, and how she is acting, she could likely not be doing very well.

Most "horse medicine" is pretty bitter and even horses don't like it. Considering their size, and considering your cat's size, this could very much be a big deal and hesitating could be a major mistake.
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Please get your kitty to an emergeny vet immediately. She will probably need a lot of care to survive taking any medication meant for a horse. Medications are given based on weight, and horses weigh a LOT! My horse had to take 10 times the human dose of antibiotic. The cats take a fraction of the human dose. Get her to a vet!
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Dear Warfare, please ring your vet immediately. I don't know where ASD is, but it's the middle of the night here - ring your usual vet's number to get an emergency number or ring an emergency number if you have one. A local vet is best, because I think s/he will have to be seen but any vet should be able to give you proper first aid advice.

Good luck - my prayers go with you and yours.

It sounds like a poison reaction to me.
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I have to agree with everyone else. Please get your cat to an emergency bet. Good luck!
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Yeah, i don't think the outlook is too good if you can't get her to a vet ASAP.
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I'm thinking you're really making a choice here of life or death. I think you really do need to get your cat to the vet now if you want her to survive.
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Yes, you need to get to the nearest 24 hour emergency hospital right now. Any change in neurological status (for example, an unsteady gait) is an emergency that must be treated immediately.

If in doubt, imagine it's a human. If your human family member or friend were suddenly unable to walk straight, you'd probably call 911 right away. The medical situation is no less urgent for your cat. Find the nearest emergency hospital and go there immediately - please.
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