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S.O.S. for ferals in Kenner

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I wrote sometime back about my city, Kenner, LA threatening to pass an ordinance to ban the feeding of feral cats. The city of Kenner has always been anti animal and have never done anything to help strays or homeless animals. I can't go into the whole sordid mess, but you can take my word for it. I've been dealing with them for 10 years and have a library of information about them and what harm and cruelty their animal control officer has inflicted on animals.

Anyway, for the last 4 years they have been trying to figure out how to get rid of the feral cats that populate a popular lakefront recreation area. People keep dumping the animals and of course they keep multiplying.

I and other rescueres have tried repeatedly to get the city to embark on a TNR program, but they refuse because they don't like the cats and want them gone.

Well, now they have decided they will get everyone to stop feedng them so they'll have the opportunity to either let them starve to death or go in and trap them so they can go to the local shelter to die. What makes this even more horrible is that the president of the board of directors of the local shelter in a neighboring parish, Jefferson, is the one trying to get people to buy his story and in a minute I'll tell it to you.

He told me that the city wants everyone to stop feeding the cats so they can get the local SNIP van in there to spay and neuter all the cats. I asked him what were the cats suppose to eat while they were waiting for the van He said "they'll scronge around. I see them do it all the time when I'm out there walking my dog". I know this entire story is made up so I play along to see what he's going to say next. I then ask him what they plan on doing with the cats after they are fixed. He said "Oh we're going to relocate them." I said really, and where would that be? He said "Oh, I don't know." I gave him another chance and said, welll since you really have no where to put them, tell me again what you're going to do with them. He said "we're going to get them adopted." I said of yea I know there's a real long list of people waiting for feral cats as pets. Well, as you can imagine, he's getting madder by the second and starts screaming at me. I went on to tell him he was a liar, an idiot and was wasting his breath trying to sell me his BS. Well, I thought he'd come through the phone. I couldn't get him to shut up so I ended the conversation by telling him he was a grown ass man trying to hurt little animals and he should be ashamed of himself and I then slammed the phone down.

My question to all who read this, please contact me if you would like to help by contacting this cities local city council. I'll provide you with even more information than I have here. Because that idiot made a lot of other false statements.

Thanks to all who want to help. This is a desperate situation. This city is run by a family and is corrupt. I'm sure most of you know that Louisiana is known for their corrupt politicians, and it's so true.


Patsy 2many@cox.net
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I was surprised I didn't receive any offers of assistance from anyone. The local people came through and the council deferred the ordinance indefinitely.
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I emailed you initially and then my computer went belly up for a while. I think you got lost in the shuffle known as my life lately. I am glad it worked out for the cats though. Most people who come to this forum are fighting this very same attitude in their towns and cities. It is a never-ending battle to dispel the myths behind the feral communities that are all over the map. I am just glad it all worked out and hope the cats can be TNR to a better area soon.
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