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Strange Behaviour!

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I have 2 cats, one is a 4 yr old Ragdoll mix and the new one is a 9/10 week old tabby/shorthair. The older cat was having the case of the blues being home alone while I was at work so we got the kitten. They hit it off instantly constantly bathing eachother and playing and sleeping together. It was kind of sad at first because it seemed the kitten really didnt care for us. Finally she had been coming around and everything was running great.

However one night me and my boyfrind come home and the kitten is all puffed up and covered in soot. We figured she just got into the fireplace and it was irritating her so thats why she was all puffed up. She didnt act aggressive to us at all and was delighted we were home. We gave her a bath and she cuddled with us as she dried. We then relized our older cat was nowhere to be seen. We called him adn he didnt come, which he is usually good about. We finally spotted him behind the couch and tried to coax him out. He wouldnt come out so we left him be. I went to bed and the kitten followed and fell asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night we heard thrashing and the sound of cat paws running around. Sure enough the older cat comes flying over our bed with a plastic bag attached to him. He is DEATHLY afraid of bags because this has happened before. He wont go anywhere near them, We found it strange he got tangled in one again. We freed him and made sure there we none in the house anymore. The kitten seemed unaffected by the whole scene. He calmly comes into our room to go to bed and the kitten starts acting very aggressive. Her back arched and growling, even screaming. I have never seen a cat make such noise. Our older cat is a very mellow cat and seemed to be confused by her aggresion towards him. He tried to coo at her and walk up to her and it just seemed to scare her more. I held the older cat while my boyfriend shoed the the kitten away and he was so scared of the kitten he litterally pooped his pants. I looked at his rectum and it was a little scratched. We finally put her upsatirs in the bathroom so they could work it out under the door and we could get some sleep. Stumped as to what happened while we were gone.

The kitten cried all night and in the morning we were very nervous to let her out. We gradually opened the door and right away she just rubs up against our older cat and everything seemed normal.

However now it just seems at random times she gets alll poofed up and hissy for no reason when the cat approaches her. Its always unprovoked and maybe only 10% of the time. Sometimes he apporoaches and she is fine and they cuddle and play other times she freaks out. It's almost like she forgets who he is sometimes. We never had this problem since before that night. We cant figure out what is causing this behavior. Luckily the older cat never gets aggresive, it's just the kitten. The older cat isnt acting differently and the cut o his anus has cleared up. No signs of illness. He just mainly seemed confused when she turns on him. I am stumped!

I have searched the web adn NO LUCK on what this behaviour means! Help me please!
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Have you taken the cat to the vet tomake sure there isn't something physical going on? Whenever we see drastic changes in behavior, it is always important to rule out illness.
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