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What do I do about my cat and kids?

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I've had my cat for six, maybe seven years, and she's the sweetest thing! She wakes me up at four thirty every morning, climbs in my lap when I'm upset, consistantly plays fetch with her little furry ball, and actually brings me her little pouch of wet food every morning. I couldn't ask for a better cat.

Now to my problem. She's like that ONLY to me. She barely tolerates my husband, he says all the time "This is Gabby's house, she just lets me live here." Gabby is just awful with children. I have a three year old nephew and a 10 year old niece, and she hates them. But the worst thing is...get ready for it. She's sneaky. I've sat with her in my lap, waited until she was calm and let her smell the kids, and taught them to pet her gently. She purrs and rubs up against their hand so they think it's okay, and then she growls at them. (My cat skips the hissing and goes straight to growling, the little weirdo) With the three year old, she stands up with her paws on his chest so they're eye to eye (if I weren't concerned for his safety, it would be funny) and then she smacks him in the face.

My husband and I are talking about having children of our own, but I know the cat won't like it. She gets so jealous of me even talking too long with someone else. My friends who don't own cats say "Well then, get rid of the cat and have a baby", but of course that's not really an option.

Do any of you have cats like this, and what did you?
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I don't have kids over much to my house and most of mine will simply run away from them. There are some cats that will bond to one person, and don't have a lot of use for other people. Some of my cats come only to me and ignore my husband. Some of them love my husband and tolerate me. Then we have a few that love anyone that walks in the door. You don't know how she is going to react to a baby in the house. She may love them or just ignore them.
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I know this is going to sound stupid but I honesty think cats can tell pregnancy! My cat was just like yours only liked me and tried to attack everyone else. Before I even knew I was pregnant she started hissing funny at me and wouldn't lay on my tummy anymore. She has done this with all three pregnancys and now adopted all my girls as her favorite. I think having a baby growing up with the cat around would be fine. The cat will adjust as the baby gets bigger.
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Try having some kids over who are cat-wise. My kids have been around lots of cats (LOL!), and can be reminded not to make eye contact, etc. When their babysitter was keeping her mother's cat who was supposedly mean, my kids could pet him, and knew when to quit by the signs he gave off. When other kids were there, you never saw him, but he would go into the same room with my kids, and let them pet him.

And the next time the kids come over, ask them to ignore the kitty, but just drag a kitty wand toy as they walk around the house. (I would do this with the 10 y/o, not the 3 y/o.) Don't have them engage in play with her, but if she wants to chase the toy as they ignore her, that is good.
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