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Catnip Plant

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Hello to all! I was buying flowers today to plant outside....and came across a catnip plant. Its not the grass kind, its the one with leaves. Im just wondering if my cat can nibble on it or I give her pieces off of it, like a branch to say. Will this hurt her and should i just keep using the dried catnip? The reason i bought the plant in the first place, is because i noticed the other day that she ate my bamboo plant leaves off and now i just have a bamboo stick That little pickles of mine. She is so spoiled though. I'd appreciate your input though okay. Thanks much!
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The plant won't hurt her--it is just fresh catnip. I would not give her free access to it though. I would just break off little bits for her. My mom once made the mistake of planting a young catnip plant in the ground outside. Our big orange tabby sat on it and killed it. A little catnip is not a bad thing, but I wouldn't overdo it by giving her free access to the plant.
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I once made the mistake of planting catnip in the garden so that my cats would have plenty of it available, and I think the plant lasted about four days before every cat in the neighbourhood had had a go at it! I was left with a stalk. So I would put it somewhere safe and inaccessible and cut bits off as needed.
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We actually have a catnip plant growing in our clinic cats cat run, and truthfully they pretty much ignore it. (they do adore dried catnip though)
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We have three large catnip plants in the garden. Jamie doesn't like them (he likes his catnip dried), but we get a lot of "traffic" from neighborhood cats. Some eat the leaves, but most of them seem to just like to rub themselves on the plants, and then space out. I've lost count of how many catnip plants have been wrecked, or weren't "quite the right kind". Once my husband found a really hardy one that the cats liked, he divided it into several plants, and didn't put them in the garden until they were pretty big (he's got a greenhouse). I usually hang leaves up to dry in our furnace room in the fall, and then break them up for Jamie and as gifts to other cats.
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I have a catnip plant, and can't put it outside as the neighbours cat wrecks it within hours (I know it is him, as he is teh only grey cat in the area, and he leaves grey fur on the soil!!). IT does regrow though, so I keep mine inside and just give them leaves. Some of mine eat it, some play with it, and some ignore it!!
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I have catnip plants all over my yard, as they seem to reseed wherever they please. (it's kind of odd, because the family that owned this house for generations didn't have cats) For some reason, neighborhood cats pretty much ignore it. I cut fresh leaves & my cats usually eat every last piece.
There is such a thing as catmint, too, which I also grow. My cats don't really care about it at all.
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I have catnip all over the backyard. It was already here when I moved in!!! The neighborhood cats ignore it. I bring some in for my cats and they just love it!!! I think I will go pick some for them this afternoon!!!
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Catnip is a member of the mint family and is therefore considered an invasive plant, unless you have neighborhood cats! I had to plant my catnip in a pot, so the outdoor kitties can't get it. In the winter I bring it in and put it way up high under some plant lights. I just pick off fresh sprigs and give them to the kitties. They LOVE them!!

Samantha & Sluggo & Pandora
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i had a catnip plant--for about 2 days. chloe attacked it, came down off her buzz, attacked it again (no matter where it was hidden hehe) i came home the next day and she had knocked it off the shelf, pulled it out of the pot and devoured everybit of it, including the roots! we sent her to rehab after that.
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I'm really excited about our little pot of catnip in the window that I'm trying to grow from seeds, it's only about an inch tall now. I'm looking forward to it flourishing into a nice big plant for my girlies!
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