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Boo is in labour......(I think)

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Well im almost sure this is it,

She has been acting wierd for the last 7 hours, following me around crying constantly. digging in any corner she can find. She is now in her box breathing rather shallow and fast with her mouth open. I guess this is panting. she is only happy if i am by her side, She cry's like crazy if i move away from her. I can hear her now. Is it ok to be with her or should i leave alone. I have just been sat on the floor next to her box reading and this seemed to be enough for her.

She hasnt eaten and has had the runs. That has settled now.

Her belly keeps feeling really hard and lumpy on the sides.

How do I know when its time to move onto the next stage. Will i just know by the way she is acting that its close?

There has been no mucus plug or fluid leaking as of yet.

Emma x x
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It sounds like she's pretty close right now. I can only tell you from my experience that when you see brownish, watery discharge you only have a few minutes (Ruby's water broke and 10 minutes later we had a kitten).
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You can do it, Boo!

Sneakers cried for me, too.... but she would only start to have a baby after I left the room. So, I would leave the room for about five minutes, and then come in and assist her with the rest of the birth. Strange, huh?

Good luck... can't wait to see them!
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I decided to give her 10 minutes alone while i came and made a drink.

Boo is panting more frequently now and purring sooo much. She is furiously re arranging her box but will only stay there if I am sat outside it. As soon as I move so does she. lol I guess she just wants some company.

Thanks for the advice guys, I will be back with more news (and pics!) when i have it.
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Well?!? Does no post mean nothing has happened, or that so much is happening that you can't get back to the puter?!?

Just let us know when you can!
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good luck boo u8 can do it girl cant wait to see the pics
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she seems to be taking ages. she has just started straining with the contractions. She hasnt been washing down there and she doesnt seem to have dialated at all. is this normal. How long does the first stage take and does the fact she is now straining mean she is moving on. How long should the straining go on before i should see a kitten.

Sorry for all the questions.

She is ok so long as i stay near her, if i move she cry's till i come back.
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also she is just lying on her side panting and straining. Is that ok too? I know im flapping but im scared she doesnt know what to do.
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I'd call a vet's office to see if they think she needs help... I was told they shouldn't be straining and screaming for very long before a kitten comes.

Good luck...
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You can't actually see dialation, that is inside... just fyi....

It sounds like it will be any minute now... if you feel she is in distress, call your vet, since we are not vets and also we can't see or hear what's going on, and you know your cat best

When they are really pushing hard, it doesn't usually take more than a few minutes to deliver a kitten, but I think most sites recommend seeking help if the cat is actually pushing consistently and intensly for more than 20 or 30 minutes.
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one kitten here !!

Emma's Hubby here

Emma with Boo
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Good news!
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yaaaaaaaaaay well done boo and emma
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Hi, I now have 2 beautiful babies

Im so proud of her, she did great.

Im not sure if she is taking a break now or if she is done.
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Sneakers would rest for a while in between kittens... and I could always tell there was another one coming because there would be a lump that I could palpate. When they are really done, they are dead to the world... at least Sneakers was.
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lol......number 2 followed number 1 quite quickly. i could tell another was coming as she started to pant and strain again.

she was so sweet, i couldnt move from her she cried so much then she came and had them between my legs.

I guess she trusts me and i kinda feel a bit in awe of that.
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That is so cool. Can't wait to see pics of them when they are dry.
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congratssssssssss boo and emma you got some gorgeous babys there xxx
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ok, number 3 and 4 have arrived......

3 is darker than the other 2 and number 4 is a little black baby.

Boo seems to be taking a rest again now.

She has done great. I had to help her deliver the placenta of number 3 but she is looking after all her babies great.
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Great job, boo! Are those first two tabbies?
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one is light ginger now its dried off with a white belly. the second is darker with a few markings. number 3 is a tabby i think and number 4 is black
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Oh, how sweet! Four darling babies! Congrats!
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We want pics! We want pics!

Sneakers had four ginger babies! I can see the Ms on the foreheads, though... so I guess they are ginger tabbies.
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Well I think boo is done, She has just settled down with her babies after cleaning them and herself all up.

I will take pics in the morning and post them as its midnight here and i dont want to use the flash.

Boo did a great job, She cleaned them all up.....she needed a little help woth number 3 so i gently eased out baba and had to help her deliver the placenta.

She cleaned him/her up good though and went on to sort number 4 by herself.

I cant wait till morning so i can see their colours more clearly. I cant stop looking at them. As they are next to my bed I know Im gonna have trouble sleeping. Every squeek makes me peak. lol
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Well done Boo! I hope you all got some sleep at least last night.
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Morning all, Well Boo was done at 4. She snuggled them all in and took great care of them through the night. They look slightly different colours this morning cause they are dry and a bit fluffed up. Its also good to see them in the daylight.

Im so proud of her and the babies.
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I have been watching your messages and have been excited for you! I just have to say that they are all absolutely adorable! My little cat Pixie is due anytime, she's not very big but it was 9 weeks yesterday that we saw her mate, although I think she went off with another tom on the monday so we may have to wait a bit longer! She is getting more and more rounder by the day. I'm so impatient but also so pleased for you!
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awww emma congrats on ur 4 kittys there soooo cute i bet u been constanlty watching them im same i cant keep my eyes off boots lil ones
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