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throwing up

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Hi everyone! I haven't introduced myself here yet, 'cause I wanted to get my question in here first. I've got three cats, Sasha, the mommy, and the two little ones (well, by now they're a year old, but they're still my kittens), Tag and Turtle, both girls. I've been coming across kitty puke lately, and it's been rather frequent. it doesn't usually have anything in it other than undigested dry cat food, and I don't know who's throwing up. The kittens, mostly Tag, have a love for hair ties and bobby pins, and no matter how hard I try to keep them out of my hair tie box, they manage to find something under a bed or on the floor. Tag even likes to burrow in my dance bag for bobby pins and hair nets. I wonder if this could be the cause of the problem, and I know that's really bad for them. What should I do? thanks everyone!
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It is important to discriminate between vomiting and regurgitation, which is the passive retrograde passage of material from the mouth or esophagus.
Vomiting is defined as the active and forceful expulsion of stomach contents through the mouth.
Regurgitation has more limited localization and
cause, while vomiting is frequently the sign of a generalized problem.

Yours seems like regurgitation to me. My mother's girl Piper shovels and dosen't chew her her food so her stomach can't handle it and back up it comes. Have you changed their food - could also be a sensitivity?
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You can also try elevating their food bowl a few inches from the floor.The stops the kitty for gourging itself eating to fast. But I would take the time to call your vet and let him know what is going on. If you have to isolate all the kitties from each other to find out who is passing the sick. Good luck
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Sounds like someone is eating too much, too fast. I have one of those, too, and he's long-haired so I have hairballs on top of it. I recently tried Hissy's suggestion and put their food up on a phone book. So far, so good - nothing's come out the in-path. They didn't even think twice about their food moving.
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One of the most common problems for vomiting on a regular basis is an intolerance to the food. I would try switching the food slowly and see if that helps.
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