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My new kitten!

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My new kitten, recently acquired (was found under a shed w/ a few other kittens--ppl had an outdoor cat that wasn't spayed )
Sorry the pics are so big! oops


Tigger getting a kiss from his canine friend

Playing with his favorite *recently deceased* toy, lol
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I just read the sticky above and I apologize! I know nothing about computers so I don't know how to re-size ???
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How did you you post, did you go through photobucket? Also you can resize thru the photo program that comes with Windows, Picture Manager....PM if you would like more info on how to do it.....
Your kitty is soooooooooooooooo cute, and I love the pic with the dog,how precious is that???!!!!
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that comes with Windows

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What a beauty. His coloring is gorgeous.
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Thank you Marli---what program on windows is that? and yes, I did it through photobucket...
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Oh I'm sorry it's part of Microsoft Office...if you have that it's Office Picture Manager, if not, you you go to each pic in Photobucket and hit edit, it will give you a choice to reduce the size of the image...but make sure it's not the original because it says when you go to do that "* Warning: Once you reduce a image,you cannot enlarge it back to the original size"
I hope that helps, and sorry for not realizing it was an Office program not a Windows program!
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What size should I put them at?
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50% original size

I tired the 75%, but that's still big

Did you get editing software with your digital camera?
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There is also a freeware software that is recommended by other members: you might want to check out. As for the size - the max is 640x640 pixels.
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Gorgeous kitty! I love how she's got a canine friend to protect her.
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Awwww... what an adorable little kitten!

BTW, I think 75% is the right size. 50% seems to small to me.
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Well you have quite a pretty kitty.
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