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Vibes needed for poor little Violet

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What an afternoon! I got a call three hours ago from an American family I know slightly, to say that their cat, that came with them from the States a month ago, had escaped yesterday when their landlord was moving furniture. Fortunately she returned a few hours later, but with a nasty bite on the top of her back leg. Tiana said that it was now looking red and the cat was lethargic, and she didn't know anyone except the private vet and he is not open till Monday!
So I called wondervet Haris and he told us to bring her in and he would meet us at the clinic in 45 minutes. Two hours later, poor little Violet has had major surgery on her leg for necropic tissue and muscle removal and the whole back of her thigh looks like a piece of meat stitched for the oven. There are bite wounds everywhere, that Haris found when he shaved her to clean the original wound, which had very deep punctures. Her meomy Tiana is in a state too, as you can imagine, her husband is away at a conference and she has two small boys to look after who don't really appreciate the seriousness of the situation.
Anyway it is now stitched and drained, we have antibiotics and a syringe and Violet is wearing a huge E collar and must be kept in a box for a while. So please spare her a few thoughts - Haris said he is still concerned and the next few days will be critical to keep off infection. What amazed me was how quickly the wound had gone bad -just 24 hours after the bite. In hot summer weather you can never be too careful.
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Aw poor wee baby. Healing prayers coming your way for her. It's great that your vet was there for her.
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Sending healing light and peaceful hugs in the hopes of a swift recovery!

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sending healing vibes and for Violet and her Mom
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Aww the poor baby

{{{{sending health and healing vibes for Violet }}}}
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oh my - poor baby. Thank god you were able to get to a Vet so quickly!!

Healing prayers for baby girl!
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Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear this.......Definite vibes coming that poor babies way from us.....................
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sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} to Violet & her meowmmy during this difficult time. How awful to be so far from home, and have her husband away, when her dear little kitty/friend is hurt. Bless you, Jenny, and Dr. Haris for saving this cat's life - not only have you helped the cat, you have helped a mommy & her little family as well.
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Poor Violet, sending healing vibes to her. Keep us posted x
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I'm sending for Violet. Wondervet Haris, indeed. It's so good that you found him, and that he not only has taken care of your brood, but Violet.
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Lots of healing vibes are on their way to sweet Violet.
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stay strong little girl
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Originally Posted by huggles
stay strong little girl

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Will say a prayer for Violet (and her mom) tonight.
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Precious Violet, please be well, little one
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Goodness! What an ordeal for poor little Violet and her Mum! Thank heavens your vet was available to come to her aid! Many prayers and vibes for little Violet, for wuick healing, and for all the concerned humans, for strength and peace.
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Poor baby!

Sending many health and healing }}}VIBES{{{ Violet's way and many to Meowmy!
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I am glad to say that I have had a call to say that Violet seems to be responding to the antibiotics and is refusing to stay in the box where she is supposed to be getting some peace and quiet. She is hopping round and has drunk, but not eaten, today. The wound is not looking as angry as it was yesterday, so that is the best sign of all that Haris got all the infected tissue out. Her mom, Tiana, is feeling much better too, though she said that she was up at 3AM to check on her baby, a natural reaction. It is strange, but the elder of her boys, who is 7, has refused to have anything to do with Violet since her op, and says he cannot look at her. Children react in different ways to these things.
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I am definatly sending vibes your way-Violet and her mom are lucky to have you to help them out and take her to your vet. Tell her mom I am sorry to hear about poor Violet but that I am sending thoughts her way for a speedy recovery-sounds like she is doing pretty good on her own though. If Squeeker can recover from his ordeal then she should do GREAT! Take care poor Violet-what a cute name!
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Oh! Many good vibes for Violet and the humans who care about her so much.
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How is Violet today?
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How is the little one doing? and lots of hugs and STRONG VIBES!!!
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That's good news about Dr Harris getting the infected tissue out successfully! Violet must be feeling much better now!

Sending continued Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ Violet's way
to you and Tiana
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I spoke to Tiana this morning and Violet is MUCH better, thanks. She is eating and drinking and peeing. She even managed to hop onto a low stool. Tiana thinks she is itching a lot as she twitches and tries to scratch, but of course can't because of hte collar. It must be uncomfortable. The wound is dry, apart from a little clear seepage from the drain hole, so Tiana thinks it is OK. She will see Haris again on Monday, assuming everything is OK until then (he is away at a conference till the weekend but he said to call him anyway on his mobile if there were any problems).
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Poor Violet, and her poor Meowmy! Thank the maker you were able to help her. Sending loads of (((healing vibes))) Violet's way.
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Violet is still doing Ok but has started sneezing. She may have picked up something on her brief foray outside. She is of course still on antibiotics for the bite wound, but that will not attack a virus. She will go back to Haris on Monday for a check, and maybe the stitches can come out, but we will have to see if this cold develops into anything serious. So she still needs your thoughts.
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