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I have a 12 wk old kitty! Ive had her about 3 wks now... my apartment is now starting to smell like a cat! I scoop her box every day and totally cleam it out once a week... but the smell still remains!

Is there anything I can do to get my apartment not to smell like a kitty! Im not really supposed to have her but its kinda hard to hide a kitten if it smells like one lol!

any advice

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It sounds like she may be going somewhere else that you haven't discovered? That is not uncommon in a young cat in a strange place. Has she been vet checked for any possible problems? She may have an infection that causes her to go elsewhere. I would get a blacklight and check all the rugs, corners etc very carefully, also watch her for any signs. If she is only using hte litterbox and it is cleaned often, the apartment should not smell.
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I agree - if she's only using the litter box and you're cleaning it regularly there shouldn't be any smell. Especially with your kitten being so young - kitten pee at that age isn't usually too pungent! I'd check she's not going elsewhere.
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I have lots of cats and I was thinging the same thing. She is going somewhere else. I would nearly guarantee it.

Since I have many cats, I do have one trick I use however. I buy carpet fresh, the citris smell, and after I scoop, I sprinkle. It smells so good and the cats don't mind it. At walmart, you can get a huge container of it for 2.00

I also wash litter pans once weekly. The best cat litter in my opinion is TidyCat.
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I have two cats and here's what I have done. Get an Oust Fan, they are wonderful and clear up any smells. Sprinkle baking soda down on your carpet then vacuum it up (the stuff in the orange box NOT the expensive smelly kind). Take the same baking soda and mix it in with your litter, it will help it clump better and it will cut down on the smell.
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