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I am getting a dog tomorrow that has 11 4 wk old pups.
What should I do for her??
What should I feed them??
Can I hold them??

I have never had pups before!!
I need to know EVERYTHING!!
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Get him/her nice bedding,
a puppy fence to keep her in till she is potty trained. Feed her "puppy chow", or any good brands for puppies. Also get her plenty of toys and bones, maybe a crate if u have one. When you put her in the puppy fence, she will cry, ignore her cries. When she stops crying, praise her and let her out to play for short time. Everytime you let her out of the fence, take her outside to go potty. Take her outside every 30 min to an hour, if she accidently goes potty on the floor don't punish her, instead take her outside and encourage her go potty.

Also don't allow your cat get to the puppy, let your cat smell the puppy and let them get to know eachother at their own pace.
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OFC you can hold them!!!!! They will need a lot of attention and love, especially when you first get your puppy, he/she will be lonely for its mom.

PS Are you getting the dog and the puppies?? If so make them comfortable and give the mom privacy and a nice room to sleep in
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11 puppies eh? That is a HUGE challenge!!! My 2 boys came from a litter of 11 and I visited the mom and pups when they were very young - a woman from the shelter was keeping them in her home prior to when they were old enough to adopt out.

She basically had her entire dining room gated off in a large pen (it was a tiled floor). Papers and puppy pads covered the entire area, and she had one large bowl to feed them in and another for water.

Here's the reality of 11 puppies: You will spend a lot of time picking up puppy poop. When they wake up from a nap, they will all poop. Within 1/2 hour of feeding, they will all poop. When you turn your back, they will poop. They will want to eat the paper and puppy pads and you will be cleaning up after them pretty much the entire day.

Keep a gross of paper towels handy, as well as newspapers, puppies pads, a large garbage can, broom, mop and cleaning supplies on hand close to where you keep them. Don't try to keep them in any room with carpet or you will be replacing your carpet.

Do NOT leave food out for them all day long. Get them on a regular feeding schedule with a high quality puppy food. If mom is nursing, puppy food won't hurt her. Ask your vet specifically about how many times to feed and how much.

They will spend a lot of time playing with each other but you should also have some sturdy toys on hand. You should also give mom a means to escape from them - 11 puppies are hard to handle by anyone, their mom included.

And yes, you want to handle them and love on them. We climbed into the pen (watch your step!), sat on the floor, played with them, put them on our laps, brushed them, and generally got them used to people. The more contact they have with people, the better adjusted they are when they are adopted out.

After seeing my boys and their siblings at that age, my heart goes out to you. While this will be challenging, it will also be a blast! 11 puppies together are an overflowing barrel of fun!!
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You can feed the puppys a good quality puppy food, you can put a little warm water in it to soften it up for them. Keep the puppies inside since they are too young for vaccinations. Definailty keep them confined, either in a crate or in a room with some sort of easy clean floor.
If you got the Momma she will do most of it.Just play with them while they are awake to socialize them and get them use to household noises, after they get settled in.
I would recommend deworming the pups, but you might want to call your vet about that.
At this age puppies are pretty messy, they pee and poop a lot.
You can get them their first set of vaccinces at 8 weeks old.
This is also a good time to set up ground rules for the pups, they are not to young.Dont let them do anything you wouldnt want an adult dog doing. Example:when you play with them, never play with your hands or let them bite your hands,legs,pants etc...if you start this now you shouldnt have a problem with these behaviors as the puppies grow.

I got my puppy at 4 weeks old. I established rules with him the day he got home, and I swear he is the best dog I have, and i have 5!lol.

Establishing a routine with the pups and Momma would be helpful,they will learn quicker.

Good luck with those pups. 11, wow! post pics please!
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I agree, with 11 4 week old puppies, you will have a huge mess on your hands. Do you have an area where they can be confined on a tile floor? What breed/size are they? Who are you getting them from?

You will also need an area outside that is fenced so they can have some time outside to play. They can't be left unattended, but the running and exercise is important for their little muscles.

We had one litter of oops pups years ago, and they started in our laundry room. Then they outgrew that space, so dh built a low wall in one corner of our bedroom to confine them. The downside was that at the time, dh got up for work every morning at 4 am. That was the only complaint the new owners had, that the pups would awaken them at 4 am every morning! LOL!

Feed Mom and babies a good quality puppy food.
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