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Bath day Blues........

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I am taking a break from bathing animals. oh my gosh.... What a job.....!!

I have bathed:
Princess Minny
Muffin--the dog

Left to do
Cleo aka Pattie Cake Kitty
Emma - the dog
Molly - the dog

Can't Bathe

Gonna bath Kissy, Toe and Socks before I quit tonight. That will leave 10 tomorrow. And I did 9 today. Kissy and Toe are easy. Socks does not like a bath. Tomorrow will be the easy day. I did the hard ones today... Dogs are perfect in the bath.

I want them them all clean and fresh and cooled off.

Arms are a bloody mess from the babies. Got scratches all over my neck.... Jeez.. And I thought they liked me.....

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Now, Yellow and Dovey are done.... Dovey was a rough little kitty and she has had tons of baths.

Angie next..... or whoever I grab....
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Got Cleo done... And I just brushed the done ones. They love a good brushing after a bath.

I am covered in cat hair....hehe

I have Angie, Emma dog and Molly dog, Tink, Cookie, Cow, Toe, Turtle, Kissy and Socks left. Half way done.

Star is looking for an escape route but I am not letting her outside. I want her to watch and know it's ok to get a bath. One day I will bath her. But righ now, she has heard the other cats meowing and meowing and it scares her. But I just smile at her and keep brushing the others. Star does like to be brushed by the way. But baths are very scary.

2 big dogs and 8 cats to go....... Will I do anymore tonight. Not sure....
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Just finished Angie and she was a little pill.

She is the last one for tonight.

Still have Tink, Cookie, Cow, Toe, Turtle, Kissy and Socks and the two dogs.

Three of those are extremely simple and easy. The others put up a little struggle.....

But the ones finished sure are happy. They feel so good after a bath.
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Wow...i'm impressed!! That sounds like a job for a whole army of people!!!!!
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Needed a whole army but got it done with only minor injury. I made the mistake to taking my lab to my new place and she got instantly flea infested.

And since this is our first summer here where we currently live, fleas have hatched and they are everywhere. It is driving me and the animals crazy. So I had to give them a flea bath but I know that is only a 'partial solution'...

I bought some organic rfood grade Diatomaceous Earth today to give a try. I hate the frontline cost. I bought it on ebay. We'll see if it works. I got 4.5 lbs very cheap. 16 bucks with shipping. Should be here in a few day..

I have read about it the majority of the day... I am hoping so much it works. It is not poison like the vet products.
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