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I think I'm in trouble....

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It has been awhile since I've been here, I know. I hope everyone here and their furbabies have been well. Luna, Sophie & Cassie are all fine, as well as the barn stray, Zebo. Tonight, however, after a late baseball game, I came home to find a very tiny (and very LOUD, or I would never have found her) kitten wandering in my back yard. There was a raccoon in the driveway, we all know there are coyotes out there......shoot, I know I don't need to explain to you all. Of course, I brought her inside.
She seems to be 6 to 8 weeks old, does eat dry food softened with a bit of water and does drink water from a bowl. I gave her a bath to check for fleas, ticks, mites, etc., as well as just to clean her up a bit. She's in a crate on the back porch with a small litter pan, food, water and a blanket. I put a radio on low volume next to the carrier. Right now she is pretty quiet.
Now to the hard part. I cried the whole time I bathed her and dried her. She is so tiny and helpless. I have no idea where she came from, and cannot imagine anyone dumping her (and I'm praying she's the only one and there isn't a litter dumped out there somewhere). But, we have the other cats, and my husband has already told me NO more. He knows she's here, as we spoke on the phone when I got in the house. Tonight he was too tired to say much, but I'm dreading tomorrow.
There's not really any advice I was seeking....I just needed to come someplace where I knew no one would think I was crazy for getting all emotional over this little girl.
Thanks so much for listening. I really hope everyone is doing well and have missed you all.
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oh poor sweet girl Thankyou for bringing her inside away from the dangers. Regardless of what your husband says you have saved this little girls life and thats is an amazing thing.
Will you be able to convince your husband to keep her until you can find a wonderful home for her? or a shelter that will take her in?

I thankyou on behalf of this girl
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Of course you did what all of us would do - there are no options on that. But now you can think calmly, with your husband, on what the next options are. Would he have left her to her fate outside? Probably not, though he might not have done all you did. So I would involve him in the decision as to what to do next. Find a shelter, find a home, and if he is sure that you are not planning on keeping her but are being active in sorting things out, he is more likely to be supportive, IMO.
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It's great to see that you're still around! And SophieGrace has grown from the most adorable little calico bit of fluff to a beautiful cat as elegant as the precious Luna
As for the new baby, sounds to me like a Higher Power has sent her your way and since He gave you the heart to care for animals, there must be a purpose in all this. And since that is the same heart that your hubby fell in love with & married, hopefully he will support you in keeping her & helping her find a good home, whether in your house or someone else's. Sometimes destiny finds us, and who knows but this kitten is the link in a chain of events that will someday, no matter how far off in the future, prove to be very beneficial to you, your husband, your family.
Please keep us posted on how the situation is going! Susan
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Poor thing... You're doing right in keeping her away from your other cats though; she seems like, with all those parasites, she could easily have picked up something.

Your husband is being rational--you can't afford/don't have space for/etc. another cat. But I doubt he'd be the sort to turn the little thing back out into the street, either.

Obviously, the kitten needs a home; and even if that home isn't yours, you can still find it one. It stole your heart; surely it can steal someone else's too. The more obvious you are about trying to find the kitten a home, the less trouble your husband is likely to give you.

In your next conversation, try to make it obvious that, "No, no, what made you think I wanted to keep it? We have four cats already! But I couldn't leave it out there to starve; and it's so cute that obviously someone will want it."

The usual caution about adopting out pets: Charge an adoption fee that covers the cost of the cat's neuter/spay operation. That way you will get a good owner.
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The little one had a good night. I'm keeping her in the crate for her own safety, as she is so very tiny. (Especially compared to a 15 pound Sophie Grace!) She was clean of parasites, I just gave her a bath so I could check her out better last night and be sure. Of course, until she has been to a vet and been cleared of everything else, they will be separated.
Right now he's saying wait until he gets home and we'll talk about it. Whatever happens, we'll get her a good home, even if it isn't here.
Knowing how we all are, thought you might like to see her photo. I just snapped it quickly this morning, so it doesn't do her full justice.
Thanks everyone for your support. Nice to know TCS continues to be such a fantastic community!

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I have to tell you, each of my fosters steals a little bit of my heart. It is perfectly expected for you to fall in love with this sweetie. That doesn't mean you want to or should keep her. Like your dh said, wait til he gets home, and then you can discuss the long term plans for the kitty.

For now, keep doing what you are doing to keep the kitten safe, and your kitties safe! What does she look like? Any pics, yet?

And it is nice to hear from you!
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Ooops. The picture didn't show up the first time. There she is.
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You're an angel for bringing this little one in and out of danger! She is just beautiful!!

I'm sure if you do seek another home for her, she'll be easy to place. She's just gorgeous.
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What a little sweetheart. I hope things work out for you to find the little sweetie a good home.
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Oh my goodness, she is adorable! Be strong, ~must...resist....furry...cuteness~
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Hehe... maybe a TCS member will adopt her!
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