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I Cannot Believe This!

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OK. So I go to work today and my house is, lets say "intact" for lack of better words. I call on my break to check on the kitties at home and to talk to my fiance. He tells me he "tripped over the cat(Jade)" and he "put a hole in the bedroom wall with his head." I ask him how big, and he says not very. I come home and it looks like someone put a FIST through my wall! oh my lans! :/ What's a girl to do but love her hubby and her kitties!
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Poor guy. Well at least he's okay and the cats are okay.
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AAArrgghh!! I'd love to read a follow-up, esp. on how Jade got all the extra loves & attentions for her "near-brush with being crushed". And kudos for your fiance on crashing into the wall instead of crushing the cat - he must have been so worried for her. I hope that he knows how to repair drywall
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Haha. He hasn't the slightest idea on how to repair this! lol. And yes, Jade got tons of lovin when I got home and my fiance even rushed to her to make sure she was ok. lol! I think he loves the kittens more than I do sometimes! Hopefully I will be getting a webcam soon and will be able to post pictures! This hole is HUGE! I had no idea my fiances head was so.. big lol!
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Holy cow! What a weird freak accident! I'm so glad everyone survived!
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I'm glad everyone is ok. Send him to Home Depot and have him ask the emplyees how to fix the hole. I think you put a ball of newspaper into the wall before covering it with tape and plaster. Or hang a large picture!
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Sure glad Jade (oh yes, and your husband's head ) are ok!
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lol thanks everyone. Everyone ended up ok. I'll update you on the home repairs! lol. He was so mad when he found out I posted this!
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