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Hello lovely breeders :)

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Sneakers just had her kittens, and four of them are a cream/fawn/buff type color, but I've never seen this color on an adult cat. I'm curious to know what they will look like when they grow up. Their heads and bellies have tabby markings, as well as their legs, but none are distinguishable on the body.

I also have a black or blue tabby that doesn't have tabby markings visible on the body, except for the face. Will the markings show up? What is it?

Do any of you have any pics of fawn/cream/buff tabbies so I can see what they will look like?


There's a pic of the kittens over in the Cat Lounge photo area.
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Update: their noses and ears and tails and pawpads are getting darker. I have some pics up in the cat pics forum and in the kittens forum. I will post new ones in tonight or tomorrow... but I was wondering if this is normal or if this means that they are pointed? Someone saw the pics and and said they look like they could be pointed, but it could have been a camera angle trick or some such thing.

They have tabby markings on the face, but it seems strange to me that their pads, noses, ears, and paw pads would all darken when they are such light cats. The dad could very well have oriental in his background, but he is a moggie by all other accounts (see Ziggy below) and mom is an unfolded Scottish Fold that was bred in a cattery with Burmese. That is a kitten pic below, but he definitely has large ears, long legs, and a long narrow body... he also is a wool sucker and he trills and talks often, although not with the annoying Siamese voice.

Does anyone know what they will look like, or is this all normal for light colored kittens?
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Well Burmese cats, are cousin to Siamese cats, so it is quite possible that if the male of this litter has siamese in his ancestry the kittens will be siamese mix, and fromt the description of their color I would say that they will end up being flame tabby point.

All of them should be males.
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That would be so cool if they ended up like that!

But I'm not getting my hopes up because it could just be that I am overthinking and/or misinterpreting things.
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You should post photos of the kittens.
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Here's a link to a thread with pics of the kittens in it. The second page has more pics, so be sure to check it out too. You can see how the nosepads got darker. I got more pics tonight that are the most up-to-date, but I won't post them until tomorrow night. Thanks for your help, guys... if you want a pic from a particular angle, ask and I will try and get it.
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What lovely kittens

They don't have quite the coloring of a siamese cat, but much more that of a Burmese, and why not since they have this breed in their ancestry.

From looking at them I would say that they resemble more a cream Burmese (Foreign).

I will be sure to look at their pohotos tonight and tell you more about them.

Anyway they are all adorable
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Well, I am not sure if they really have Burmese in their background... Sneakers is a registered unfolded Scottish Fold, she was merely bred at the same house where Burmese were also bred (I got Godiva there). Is it possible that somewhere along the way the breeder accidentally let a Burmese into her Scottish Fold line? She seemed like such a good breeder and all... but I guess it's possible. And yes, I agree... they do seem to have more of a Tonk or Burmese coloring rather than the high contrast Siamese... I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I'll post more pics tonight... I got some pics of their little grey tails and ears.
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It is quite possible, you never know.
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If the color is very pale cream with slightly darker stripes, its a cream tabby (the dilute version of the red tabby).

There are various shades of red tabbys - dark to light (darker more preferred in show cats). So some of the reds can be light enough to be considered "hot creams".

If the others only have faint tabby markings on the face and not on the body - they will be solid black/blue kittens - but can be tabby carriers. Ling still has the striping in her coat (she was blue tabby that changed to black) and if she was bred, she would produce some tabbies.

OK went to your pictures of the kits - from those pictures, I say you have solid creams (not tabbys - the striping would be more on the body) and blue tabbies - they are pretty heavily striped in the pictures.
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Well, one of the greys doesn't have stripes on the body at all, and his legs and belly are much lighter than his back. I'm thinking maybe a smoke?

One of them is obviously a grey tabby.

Does anyone have a pic of a solid cream with tabby markings on the face as an adult? And the dark skin on the nose, ears, pawpads, and tails still confuse me.
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New pics are posted... I've commented in the thread about what I thought was weird.

Any ideas are appreciated. Have any of you seen cream cats with dark noses before unless they were pointed?
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Looks like blue/seal points to me. What interesting kittens. I don't have any experience in pointed kittens.
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Thanks... glad to see someone else think they are strange looking, too. I don't have experience with pointed kittens, either... so I am patiently waiting for Siamese and Tonk breeders to come and take a look.

They look like they might be like a lilac tonk coloring (and their lilacs have cream in them)... but that just seems weird! How in the world would I have gotten that! LOL I'm so confused, and I hate waiting to see what they will look like... I'd like to be able to tell the new owners what their adult colorings will be!
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Hopefully Gaye will see this thread soon.
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Oh Gayef.....
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I know you got that PM I sent you.

If you don't know, that's fine... tell me to stop obsessing and I will, but until then, I'm determined to know what they will look like.
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I breed Ragdolls, which are a pointed breed, but to me they don't quite look quite pointed to me, close, but not completely. They are very cute!!! I don't know if your question was answered in the other thread, but I would believe the dilute for orange or flame would be cream. However, I am not positive.
I look forward to seeing them grow and change. They are so cute now, they will just get cuter.
I look forward to Gaye's opinion of the colors, as well as Goldenkitty.
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Thanks, FamilytimeRags!

If it weren't for their dark noses and stuff, I would just call them creams and be done with it... but I've never seen a cream or buff, or even fawn, with darks paw pads and tails and such. It almost appears as if the skin is getting grey on their tails and outer sides of their hind legs. I'm so confused... they're mutants!
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Originally Posted by Godiva
Thanks, FamilytimeRags!

If it weren't for their dark noses and stuff, I would just call them creams and be done with it... but I've never seen a cream or buff, or even fawn, with darks paw pads and tails and such. It almost appears as if the skin is getting grey on their tails and outer sides of their hind legs. I'm so confused... they're mutants!
Well, then they are the cutest little mutants, I have ever seen!! They do look a lot like the mink litter I had, they were born a buff color, and one developed into a seal and the other a blue. It took a little longer for me to determine color on the minks than the pointeds, it was close to the 2 week mark, before I could say with certainty. If they are mink, the aqua eye color will develop in time.
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As I was browsing the web looking for photos of kittens the same age in the pointed and mink breeds, I did find a lot of kittens that looked like mine. But I have no idea where the mink would have come from... a breeder I know online (not from this site) said she thinks they'll be blue minks, like a Tonk... she breeds Tonkinese.

Whatever they are, I love them to pieces and I am sure their new owners will too... it's just fascinating to me that they ended up the way they did.

I'm so anxious... can't wait to see them grow. I'm gonna have to keep more than one of them.. I was going to keep the grey tabby, but now I think I'm going to keep one of the creamy ones too because they are so nifty looking.
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I don't think they are pointed either. But not sure what the final color will be. Ling is my own weird color changing cat. Born blue tabby/white with darker blue points; then changing to blue tabby with seal points; and finally to a black/white with faint points in the right light (plus the faint tabby markings).

So it will be interesting - keep taking pictures. We took some of the litter where they definately were pointed!
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More pics posted.
I know you all think I'm an attention whore. But I really want your opinions!
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I definitely think their points will get darker, Burmese do have points. In my opinion 3 of them look like they are what would be called Champagne...if they were purebred Burmese. Definitely beautiful whatever they are.
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Okay, guys... I have finally decided what I think they will look like. I am thinking of posting a poll in a week or so (w/new pics) when their color is more developed... and then having like a virtual bet. The prize could be one of those silly signature icons for whoever guesses correctly, or something else stupid, or just a pat on the back.

I'm not telling what I think they will be, but what do you guys think? Should I post a poll? I think it sounds like fun... but maybe no one cares like I think they do.
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