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Dr. Spike will see you now...

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I had to stay home sick from work today because I wasn't feeling well, so I spent most of the day in bed. Spike stayed with me almost all day, either curled up next to me, purring, or sitting nearby keeping an eye on me.

It was so sweet, I really appreciated it.

At one point, I was lying on my side in bed, and he snuggled up against me, near my face. He was purring like a little motorboat, and I nuzzled his fur and buried my face in his back and closed my eyes. He smelled good, and just kept purring away. It was so comforting.

I love my furry babies!
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What a good boy! Do you feel better?
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A bit. I have to go back to work tomorrow whether I want to or not. ^^;;
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Isn't it amazing how thoughtful cats can be? My old boy used to stay with me whenever I was home sick from school. The girls I have now aren't nearly so doting, but I don't mind.

Hope you feel better soon!
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Topaz my calico isn't a lap cat not for more than 10 mins at a time.
When I lost my little brother she would sit on me all day. I had to take her to eat!
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My Topaz barely let me touch her until recently. To her I was just the can opener.

Since I'm in bed most of the day resting my back she will sometimes come lay with me and let me pet her! (If I don't pet enough, though, she whacks me with her tail! )

Ari has also been sleeping with me more and giving an occasional "massage" - sometimes he actually massages my back.
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Oh to have the love of a great kitty! (Or kitties in some of your cases!) My little Con-artist is a lover anyhow, but when I am sad or sick he's just such a doll, snuggling with me and letting me bury my face in his long fur. **love**

What a sweet boy you are Spike to take care of meowmy!
And how nice Jan to actually get some Topaz lovin', lol. What a dear of little Ari to rub his momma's achin' back!
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What a good kitty to take care of you!!, how are you feeling today?
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Awww, my kitties do that too when i'm not well. I think they can tell when we need a little extra love. Aren't kitties the best! lol, it sounds like spike took good care of you
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That does sound comforting. I hope you're feeling better today.
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When I have been feeling so down and out here lately both Pandora and Pearl have been really cuddly with me lately. I love cats.
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Originally Posted by Meowsas
Topaz my calico isn't a lap cat not for more than 10 mins at a time.
When I lost my little brother she would sit on me all day. I had to take her to eat!
Aw, cats are so amazing, how they can tell when the situation is really serious.
Meowsas, condolences on the loss of your little brother. That has always been a big dread for me, esp. since I've lost an 18yo nephew & my oldest brother. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about sad losses. Susan
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Thanks for all the kind replies. Spike says thank you, too.

I'm feeling better today, and I got some good news about my schedule at work - no more weekends! (At least for awhile.)

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a comforting kitty.
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What good kitties to look after their meowmy while she is sick!

I had a kidney stone once, and after the trip to the ER, I went home and slept for 18 hours straight. My SO said Fred had been sitting on my pillow watching over me, awake, the whole time. I woke up for a few minutes, petted Fred, and he came and snuggled down with me until I got up. I don't think he had ever been awake that long in his life, but he sat right there until he knew I was ok.
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These are such sweet stories. Yes, our babies truly are our most wonderful comforts at such times!
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